Chapter 99: Mu Family Visiting (2)

 Chapter 99: Mu Family Visiting (2)

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Mu Wushuang's body trembled and she painfully closed her eyes, the bottom of her heart suffused with a bitter feeling.

"Grandfather, the person who injured me is His Highness the Crown Prince. I won't exact revenge for this no matter what!"

"Hmph!" Mu Xingchou coldly harrumph, his aged face darkening as he coldly stated, "When did I ever say I wanted to find Crown Prince to exact revenge? In this situation, Crown Prince is also a victim. The real culprit is Yun Luofeng! If it weren't for His Highness the Crown Prince suffering from a serious disease recently, he would definitely find Yun Luofeng to settle the score!"

Mu Wushuang did not respond. When it comes to enmity towards Yun Luofeng, no one's hate could run deeper than hers!

"Grandfather, ever since Yun Luofeng made Crown Prince hit me that day, I already swore that there will eventually be a day where I will make her experience the same pain! However, Yun Family is under the protection of Old Man Yun. Even if our Prime Minister Estate has the Emperor's favor, what can we do? There's nothing we can do about Yun Luofeng."

"Shuang'er, I've long since had a countermeasure for dealing with this matter." Mu Xingchou started to laugh darkly. "In a while, I will enter the palace to seek an imperial decree from your aunt and have her summon Yun Luofeng to enter the palace to be Her Highness the Princess' study companion. During that time, without the protection of Yun Family's old man, you can torment her however you want!"

Mu Wushuang's eyes shone. How did she not think of this idea? As long as Yun Luofeng entered the palace, her life and death will hinge on her whim.

Of course, she would not let that woman die easily! She would make her life worse than death!

Thinking of this, the bitter resentment inside Mu Wushuang's beautiful eyes deepened-just like a poisonous snake, able to instantly gobble someone...

Under the intense sunlight, the General Estate was quiet and serene.

At present, the old man was leisurely sampling tea without a care in the main hall. His entire geriatric face carried a spring-like and splendid joy.

It was obvious that Yun Luofeng's recent actions gave him extreme confidence. He believed that there would eventually be a day where Yun Family would charge out of the tiny Longyuan and appear in the eyes of the people in the continent.

"With Feng'er, this girl, here, perhaps her second uncle's grievance can really be avenged," the old man muttered to himself. Thinking about Yun Family's bitter and deep-seated enmity, his features gradually darkened.

"Sir, not good, we have a problem!"

Suddenly, a servant rushed inside with dripping sweat on his face, his voice carrying anxiousness. "Prime Minister Mu Estate came and said that they carry an imperial decree from Imperial Concubine Mu and also clearly stated that this imperial decree should be received by Eldest Miss."

The old man's face instantly darkened, and the teacup in his hand was viciously smashed into the ground with a thud.

"Which of Mu Family's son of a b*tch came?"

"It's... it's Mu Family's eldest young master..." the servant reported while trembling and stammering.

As soon as the words were spoken, a cold laughter was suddenly heard from outside the hall, disdain apparent in its arrogance.

"It turns out this is the true personality of the dignified state general, disparaging someone as a son of a b*tch without compunction! Even my Prime Minister Estate's servants won't spew profanities the way you do!"

A man in brocade garment swiftly strode inside from outside the door, carrying a red imperial decree in his hands, his cold features bearing slight similarities with Mu Wushuang. His lips were raised with a touch of ridicule.

"Mu Wuchen, what did you come here for?"

The old man's feature became more and more intolerable, his severe gaze shooting daggers at the man clad in brocade garments who appeared at the entrance.

Mu Wuchen was Mu Wushuang's full-blooded older brother as well as Mu Family's successor! This Mu Wuchen was different from Mu Shen, that hedonistic son! To Mu Family, Mu Shen was an inconsequential existence, but Mu Wuchen possessed Mu Xingchou's affection, just like Mu Wushuang.