Chapter 98: Mu Family Visiting (1)

 Chapter 98: Mu Family Visiting (1)

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As for Yun Luofeng choosing to treat the person from Medical Pavilion first, Elder Ning naturally did not have any objections and faintly smiled while saying, "Yun'yatou, this old crock will head to the rear court with you. You should treat him first, and then treat me after you're done with his treatment. Xin'er, help me up."

"Yes, Grandfather."

Ning Xin's face displayed a brilliant smile as she supported the old man's body and lifted him from the chair, her clear eyes containing a faint smile.

Yun Luo glanced at the dignified and beautiful Ning Xin, and his heart bore some sentiments.

This was a true daughter of noble lineage! Every movement displayed her extremely fine etiquette! Just watching her movements made one feel pleased and delighted.

Unlike the artificial Mu Wushuang!

Mu Wushuang's composure was completely deliberate, her entire body exuding a hypocritical air. If these two stood side by side, one would be able to distinguish the true victor. "Follow me." Yun Luofeng lazily stretched, her bewitching eyes sweeping past everyone present, and then turned around to head out of the main hall.


Inside the Prime Minister Estate, ever since Mu Wushuang returned with swollen cheeks two nights ago, it had not been peaceful since then. All the servants and maids did not even dare to take a deep breath, afraid that Master Prime Minister, who had nowhere to vent his anger, would cause suffering to the bystanders!

"Trash, a bunch of good-for-nothing!"

Inside the study, Mu Xingchou swept all the books on the desk to the ground, his geriatric face completely furious.

"I asked you to go to Medical Pavilion to purchase medicinal herbs that reduced swellings, and you actually couldn't buy it! What use do I have for you?"

Mu Xingchou's complexion was livid as he glared at the servants kneeling on the ground with eyes fraught with rage.

All the servants were so frightened that they firmly kept their heads lowered and did not even have the courage to lift their head. Each of them coweringly curled their bodies, their entire body ceaselessly trembling.

"Master Prime Minister, those from Medical Pavilion said that the medicinal herbs were all destroyed by Imperial Doctor Jing, so Medical Pavilion is already out of stock."

The medicinal herbs of Medical Pavilion could never run out! But those people had Elder Rong's orders and simply would not sell medicinal herbs to the Prime Minister Estate. It was a pity that the current Mu Xingchou did not know this fact.


Just as Mu Xingchou was about to go on a rampage once again, a graceful voice slowly traveled from the entrance.

The moment that Mu Xingchou heard that voice, his rage gradually subsided. He lifted his head, looked at the young lady entering the study, and asked with heartache, "Wushuang, why did you come?"

The Mu Wushuang of this moment no longer had her former beauty. Her entire face was covered with gauze, only leaving behind a pair of eyes that were brimming with resentment and a delicate mouth.

"Grandfather, I already heard about the Medical Pavilion matter." Mu Wushuang slightly lowered her eyes. "I also know that in the course of avenging me, Master accidentally damaged Medical Pavilion's property, leading to him to become blacklisted by Medical Pavilion. In fact, Medical Pavilion hadn't actually run out of stock. Moreover, because of Master's impertinence in Medical Pavilion, it even resulted in Medical Pavilion not selling us their medicinal herbs."

With Jing Lin's personality of saving face with absolute determination, he definitely would not speak about the mishap that he suffered at the Medical Pavilion! Everyone who was present that day at the Medical Pavilion also did not dare to spread the matter everywhere due to Elder Rong's order.

Thus, until now, Mu Wushuang did not understand that the reason that Prime Minister Estate was unable to purchase medicinal herbs at the Medical Pavilion was because Medical Pavilion wanted to vent their anger for Yun Luofeng!

"Shuang'er, you can rest assured that Grandfather will definitely avenge you for this humiliation!" Mu Xingchou coldly stated as a murderous intent flashed through his eyes.