Chapter 97: The Establishment of the Steel Corps (4)

 Chapter 97: The Establishment of the Steel Corps (4)

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"Grandfather, I was only momentarily delayed because of some matters, yet you're already scolding me like this behind my back?" All of a sudden, there was a languid voice carrying shallow laughter that could be heard from the door.

In the streak of sunlight, the white-dressed girl ambled over. Her absolutely gorgeous feature carried a bewitching smile, and her dark eyes were like the pitch-black night sky, so deep that people had no way of examining the bottom of it!

The lady's sight landed on the taciturn, middle-aged man inside the huge hall. After seeing the middle-aged man's pale hair, the smile on her lips revealed a trace of clear understanding.

If she did not guess incorrectly, this middle-aged man was the person suffering from the manluo poison!

"Yun'yatou, you finally came." Elder Rong emotionally stood up. "I have already brought the patient here. May I ask Yun'yatou how certain are you that you can save him?

Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her brow, watching the middle-aged man with a penetrating look. "Currently, he's already fatally ill, his head of white hair is the best proof! His appearance might still be around 40 years old, but, in truth, his physiological functions have already reached its limits!"

Elder Rong's heart contracted. "Yun'yatou, can he still be saved?"

"Still possible. Though if he was just poisoned, I would still have 100% chance, but right now, I only have 70% chance at most." Yun Luofeng looked at Elder Rong with a smile. "However, Elder Rong, my price for treating an illness is very high, Furthermore, for someone like you, I don't accept money and will only accept medicinal herbs! Of course, if my treatment fails, I will return the original items!"

Elder Rong's eyes glowed with excitement. To him, 70% chance of being cured was already more than enough! Those doctors of the Medical Pavilion did not even possess 10% chance of certainty!

"Girl, our Medical Pavilion has a red hackberry tree that's over a thousand years old. If you can save him, this red hackberry tree will be yours."

Yun Luofeng's heart abruptly quivered.

Within the wide varieties of medicinal herbs, the red hackberry tree was considered extremely precious. It was said that a red hackberry tree only produced 10 red hackberries each year! And the number of red hackberry trees on the entire continent could be counted on one hand, so one could imagine how precious a thousand years red hackberry tree was.

As for the use of red hackberries, it was said that it could raise the spiritual energy inside the body of a spirit cultivator after consuming it!

Spiritual power was different from spiritual energy! Spiritual power served the purpose of being consumed while battling. Even if one was strong, when all of their spiritual strength was exhausted during a battle, they could still be trampled on by others.

But the spiritual energy was the entire heaven and earth's spiritual energy and could be absorbed by spirit cultivators and concentrated at their dantian 1 . A breakthrough could be achieved after reaching a certain threshold.

Thus, could you imagine the temptation a red hackberry tree that could provide the spiritual energy presented? Even if the spiritual energy it could give was pitifully meager, it could still make many people willing to spend a large sum to purchase it!

"Yatou, I know that a red hackberry tree can't compare with your Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid, but this is considered as our Medical Pavilion's most precious medicinal herb! if it weren't for saving Daren, I could not bear to take it out," afraid that Yun Luofeng would turn up her nose at the red hackberry tree, Elder Rong hurriedly explained.

"Very well." Yun Luofeng smiled, her eyes flashing with a streak of entrancing light. "If I successfully concoct the antidote, this red hackberry tree will be mine!"

To be honest, she really did not care for the little amount of spiritual energy that the red hackberry tree could provide! However, if she planted the red hackberry tree in the God Code World's medicinal field, then the effect would no longer be the same!

Perhaps the old man could use it to break through to a high-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator...

Elder Rong's heart became delighted. "Yun'yatou, may we start treatment now?"

Yun Luofeng nodded, and her gaze turned to the silently waiting Elder Ning, "I will first treat the person from Medical Pavilion, and then I will work on your treatment once I'm done with him."

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Sidenote, the old man referred to in the end is Yun Luo.