Chapter 96: The Establishment of the Steel Corps (3)

 Chapter 96: The Establishment of the Steel Corps (3)

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After she left the underground training ground, Qingyan came to inform her that Elder Rong of Medical Pavilion brought a patient for her to treat! While saying this, little yatou 1

Qingyan's pretty face was filled with excitement, as though the one that Elder Rong called as Godly Doctor was her.

"Miss, you are really awesome, even Medical Pavilion's people come to find you to treat illnesses, this maid is truly very proud!"

Yun Luofeng looked at little yatou's red cheeks with a faint smile and teased, "What are you being proud of?"

"Of course, I'm proud that this servant is a godly doctor's little maid. Miss, your difficult times are now finally over, and your good times are just beginning. Thankfully, His Highness the Crown Prince abandoned you, otherwise, considering his status, he might not be a good match for you, Miss," Qingyan said, extremely angry. As soon as she thought of all the things that Gao Ling had done to Yun Luofeng, she would fume with resentment and rage between gritted teeth.

"Qingyan," Yun Luofeng paused and suddenly asked, "if there's an opportunity for you to become strong, would you be willing to accept it?"

In the entire Yun Family, it could be said that besides Grandfather and Second Uncle, the one whom she trusted the most was none other than this little yatou.

In the former Yun Family, only this little yatou genuinely and sincerely acted on her behalf!

Qingyan stared at Yun Luofeng in bafflement. "Becoming a strong person? Why does this servant need to become a strong person? This servant only wants to accompany Miss. Moreover, you are now a godly doctor, Miss. Following you is more reliable than becoming a strong person-at least this servant doesn't have to worry about getting sick."

"Qingyan, what if becoming a strong person will allow you to handle more affairs for me?" Yun Luofeng's gaze landed on Qingyan's pretty face and asked again.

Qingyan blinked. "If this servant can handle affairs for Miss, then this servant is definitely willing to become a strong person. Miss, you are really odd today. Why are you asking these questions?"

Yun Luofeng burst into laughter as she shook her head, but she did not respond to Qingyan's question and said with raised brows, "Let's go, I will treat someone's illness first. As for what I just mentioned, you will soon understand."

Inside the main hall, Yun Luo slowly took a sip of tea, his eyes would occasionally dart outside the door, anxiety gradually appearing in his eyes.

"Elder Rong, Elder Ning, please wait for a few more minutes, that stinky girl of mine walks rather slow. She should currently be on her way."

If those who came here were from the imperial clan, Yun Luo would not be this anxious, but the one who came this time to seek Yun Luofeng was Elder Rong of the Medical Pavilion! And the other elderly person beside Elder Rong also was not an ordinary person; otherwise, Elder Rong would not respectfully call him Elder Ning.

He could not even see through the ability of the pretty girl standing beside Elder Ning! One could well imagine how strong this girl's innate talent was. It was at least not weaker than Yun Qingya's from ten years ago!

"Hoho," Elder Ning faintly chuckled twice, lightly sipping the tea and said, "General Yun, we can afford to wait for a while, you don't have to fret too much."

Elder Ning was short of saying the phrase: "The Emperor is not worried, but his eunuchs are worried to death."

The old man's complexion contained a hint of embarrassment and he dryly coughed twice, using an angry expression to conceal the embarrassment on his face.

"This stinky girl, always arriving late. When she arrives, I must reprimand her!"

Of course, it was said like this, but if you really had him chide Yun Luofeng, he could not bear to do so.