Chapter 95: The Establishment of the Steel Corps (2)

 Chapter 95: The Establishment of the Steel Corps (2)

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In regard to the candidacy of the commander position, no one was more suitable than Second Uncle. Grandfather was already old and should not be troubled by this issue. Coupled with the fact that Second Uncle's morale was low, if she could have him lead the army, it would bolster his confidence.

"As for the rest of you..." Yun Luofeng turned to the crowd of women and said, "You shall be called Raging Flame Corps. My intention for choosing this name is for you to become a raging flame, not leaving a single inch of ground alive wherever you go!"

"We will carefully adhere to Eldest Miss' commands," everyone in the Raging Flame Corps cupped their fists in salute and unanimously responded.

"Remember, you're no soldier, so you don't need to be restricted by doctrines!" Yun Luofeng's voice was uninhibitedly domineering, as though embodying a type of insolence that looked down on people. "Protecting the people is also not your responsibility! All you need to protect is the Yun Clan and your family! If you are trying to save your family, I'll do all I can to help! If you are saving a stranger, then do what you can. I don't want you to drag down the entire army just for some unimportant person! Besides this, you can do as you will and be as you are!"

It was not that Yun Luofeng disdained soldiers; any soldier was worth her respect!

However, respect was just that-respect. She would not blindly agree with them! In her heart, nothing was more important than family and friends! Why would she implicate her family just for those people who were of no concern to her?

What a grand "You can do as you will and be as you are!"

Ye Ling chuckled wryly, his regard for Yun Luofeng becoming more complex. But he understood that there was already something gradually taking root and sprouting in his heart and growing into a towering tree that will eventually reach high up in the sky!

This thing was called loyalty!

"Eldest Miss, Steel Corps already has a commander and vice commander, may I ask who will serve those posts in our Raging Flame Corps?" among the Raging Flame Corps, a quick-witted and adorable young girl raised her hand and blinked her eyes while asking.

"What is your name?" Yun Luofeng's sight landed on the girl, lightly raising her brow.

Seeing Yun Luofeng asking for her name, the young girl's heart was somewhat excited. "I'm named Zhong Ling'er."

"Zhong Ling'er?" Yun Luofeng smiled entrancingly. "This name is quite nice. You will be Raging Flame Corps' vice commander from now on. Of course, in the training following this, you must exert more effort than the rest of them! If you're unable to keep up, you can only abdicate your position to other people."

Zhong Ling'er nearly jumped from excitement. Afraid that Yun Luofeng would really give the vice commander position to other people, she hurriedly swore, "Eldest Miss, don't worry, I definitely won't disappoint you."

Yun Luofeng faintly nodded. "I hope so! As for the Raging Flame Corps' chief commander, I've already thought of a candidate. Once she arrives, you must obey her command."

Seeing Zhong Ling'er grabbing the initial opportunity, the other girls regretted in their mind. Why didn't they step out just now? Otherwise, the one who Yun Luofeng would have noticed would have been them instead. However, hearing Yun Luofeng's following words, hope gradually rose up in their disappointed heart.

They still had a chance!

They only had to surpass Zhong Ling'er, and the position of vice commander would be theirs!

Suddenly, every girl was soaring with fighting spirit, strongly wishing they could immediately throw themselves into training.

"Ye Ling, Zhong Ling'er," Yun Luofeng languidly said while yawning, "I'm giving you a task. Within a half day, lead everyone to fill up the three pits with water! You will officially begin your training tomorrow."

"Yes!" Ye Ling and Zhong Ling'er respectfully answered.

Without a doubt, Yun Luofeng had already completely tamed them in these short minutes!