Chapter 93: Establishing Ones Might (3)

 Chapter 93: Establishing One's Might (3)

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The young lady's bewitching and confident voice was like a heavy club pounding heavily on their heart.

Everyone lifted their head, staring at the girl whose beauty was like that of a painting, the astonishment in their eyes apparent.

Was this still the worthless eldest miss that everyone disdained? Then why was the current her this peerlessly beautiful and strikingly radiant! It simply made one unable to mentally associate her with the woman who pestered Crown Prince a few months ago!

"Eldest Miss, why us?" someone among the crowd voiced their doubts.

Given the General Estate's power, if they were determined to establish an army, they could definitely recruit outstanding geniuses so why would she choose them?

Yun Luofeng looked at the person among the crowd who spoke. "This question is very simple. When I look at people, it is never about their innate talent but their perseverance instead! Who said that only geniuses can stand at the top of the continent? Even if your talent is mediocre, as long as you make an effort that is tenth or hundredth times more than the average person, you won't be worse than geniuses! I also don't approve of the word trash; no one is born as trash, it only depends on whether you are willing to work hard!"

The girl's speech was very inspiring, making these people's blood start boiling.

That's right! In this world, no one was born as trash! So what if their talent was mediocre? As long as they spent more effort than the average person, they could step on those so-called geniuses.

Yun Luofeng saw her desired effect and the gaze that she used to look at everyone gradually simmered down.

"Well then, whether you can remain at General Estate will completely rely on your own perseverance! I don't need someone who doesn't have talent and is also unwilling to make an effort! If you slack off during training, I will immediately kick you out of General Estate! Believe me, after leaving General Estate, you will certainly regret not seizing the opportunity!"

Watching the girl's bewitching countenance, Ye Ling's heart was moved.

If a few years ago, the one who fought with Liujin Kingdom was Yun Luofeng instead of Yun Luo, he reckoned that Liujin Kingdom's defeat would only take a night!

This girl's strength was not strong, but her words could instantly incite everyone's emotions and even make soldiers wholeheartedly believe in her words! Let's not mention General Yun Luo, he feared that even the previous Yun Family's number one genius, Yun Qingya, could not achieve that feat.

"I have already said my piece, so I don't need to speak more about how you should grasp this chance. I know it has been very depressing for you all to stay in this stone room all this time, but I was left without a choice! After all, there are too many of you, and my General Estate could not accommodate you earlier."

Yun Luofeng surveyed everyone present, lifting the corner of her lips slightly. "Thankfully, I have already finished preparing for your accommodations! But before going to this place, I must warn you about one thing: from now on, you aren't allowed to reveal anything to anyone about this training! If there are transgressors-you've all witnessed the fate of Ye Ling!"

Everyone's heart trembled as they straightened their posture one after another.

"We will all carefully adhere to Eldest Miss' command!"

"Great!" Yun Luofeng shrugged, her bewitching eyes turning to Ye Ling. "Ye Ling, after this, I'll open a passage for you, so that you can leave General Estate any time to report to the people from the palace. As for the contents of your report, you should clearly know."

Ye Ling chuckled ruefully. "No matter how Gao Tu calculated, he did not take into account that you have been disguising as a pig to eat a tiger! The people from the palace are destined to lose to you."

No matter what, Ye Ling would never have thought that the current Yun Luofeng was no longer the Yun Luofeng from the past. He only thought that Yun Luofeng had definitely been pretending to be dumb to take advantage of people these past few years using the reputation of trash to deceive people's eyes.

Yun Luofeng also did not explain more and languidly stretched, saying with a pleased expression, "Let's go! I'll now take you to the underground training ground!"