Chapter 92: Establishing Ones Might (2)

 Chapter 92: Establishing One's Might (2)

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Ye Ling's complexion was charged with pain, and his vicissitude-filled eyes were brimming with horror.

Feeling as though his internal organs were on fire and unbearably raw, he wished he could immediately die.

"You... what did you make me drink?" Ye Ling squeezed his own neck tightly, his veins standing out from his temples, and both of his eyes were bulging. His handsome appearance was twisted due to the excessive pain, and his voice revealed heart-rending despair.

"I used the juice that I extracted from a few type of poisonous medicinal herbs that I specially prepared for you. Ye Ling, since you have the guts to come to my General Estate to plot against me, then I will make you feel a pain that you would never forget in this lifetime!"

Yun Luofeng haughtily looked down on the youth rolling on the ground, her lips raised with a wicked smile as she continued to say, "I'm most intolerant of betrayals. I will make living worse than death for anyone who betrays me!"

Inside the God Code World, Xiao Mo could not resist rolling his eyes. He fully understood that his master was establishing her might! Simply put, she was killing the chicken to warn the monkey 1 ! Her purpose was to make everyone present understand that betraying her would definitely not end well!

Apparently, the effect of showing her power was remarkable! Seeing the youth who would rather die, everyone shuddered. There were even some who were glad that the one who betrayed her was not them.

"Kill me, I beg you to kill me!"

Ye Ling's voice was hoarse and painful. He looked at the arrogant Yun Luofeng with prayers in his eyes as his eyes shed two trails of tears.

Death would be more gratifying than this feeling of his viscera being set on fire!

"Those who betray me-I won't let them easily die. I will slowly torture them!" Yun Luofeng's lips lifted in a bloodthirsty smile. "Ye Ling, not only will I not let you die, but I will also make you loyal to me for your entire life! Only I can soothe your current pain, so from now on, you will hand your life over to me!"

Ye Ling did not even have to think before nodding his head and said in pain, "I am willing to allegiance to you. I implore you to let me off."

Yun Luofeng slowly bent down, leisurely piercing a silver needle into Ye Ling's heart. After the needles entered his body, a warm current slowly flowed into his organs, and the intense pain gradually disappeared.

"The silver needles can only temporarily stop your pain, so from now on, you must bath in the liquid medicine that I have prepared for you every month. Otherwise, this pain will follow you like a relentless shadow."

She did not trust Ye Ling, so there was no chance that she would give Ye Ling the antidote. This was the only way that she could have complete control over him.

Ye Ling's body laid limp on the ground, his forehead covered with cold sweat. He was so weak that he could not even utter a single word as he laid on the ground gasping for air

Yun Luofeng stood up, and her bewitching, dark eyes swept across everyone present. Her appearance was domineering, and her words were unrestrained.

"You have already seen the price for being a traitor! I, Yun Luofeng, am most intolerant of betrayals! If anyone betrays me, I have thousands of ways to make living worse than death for them. But of course, none of you should take any chances. Ye Ling was hidden this deep, but I was still able to discover him!"

Everyone grew silent and did not even dare to take a deep breath under Yun Luofeng's arrogant momentum.

Yun Luofeng's gaze swept across everyone and continued, "I will punish those who betray me to the ends of the earth! However, if you are wholeheartedly loyal to me, I will definitely grant you a bright future! I know that your innate talents are lacking and that's why you are bullied and looked down upon by others! If you swear your allegiance to me, I will give you a chance to reach the top and see if you can grasp it!"

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