Chapter 91: Establishing Ones Might (1)

 Chapter 91: Establishing One's Might (1)

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Ye Ling's body trembled as he closed his eyes in pain.

A few years ago, his mother, Empress Yi, unexpectedly passed away. After which, Noble Consort Rong was conferred as the Empress. In order to let her son succeed to the throne as Emperor, she did not hesitate to incite Emperor Father to force him head to Longyuan Kingdom to become a pawn! Father Emperor, to preserve his peace, agreed to this proposal.

Thus, him being reduced to becoming a hostage was related to these two!

"What you spoke of is correct. I do completely understand why I was reduced to becoming a hostage!" Ye Ling opened his eyes, which contained experiences of life's vicissitudes, and stared at Yun Luofeng. "And, if I didn't become a hostage, I fear that that woman wouldn't have let me off!"

Yun Luofeng languidly lifted her eyes, her lips raised in a wicked smile. "So you could say that my grandfather can be considered as your savior? If it's like this, then can you tell me what is the purpose of that dog Emperor sending you here?"

She refused to believe that Ye Ling was sent by him to the General Estate just to monitor them!

Ye Ling's body suddenly became stiff, and he stewed in silence for a few moments before responding truthfully to Yun Luofeng's words, "Besides having me observe the General Estate, that dog Emperor tasked seduce you! And also, to make you carry my child."

While saying these words, Ye Ling's complexion turned completely red, not knowing where to place his sight.

Yun Luofeng's dark eyes flashed with a ray of cold light as she asked with upturned lips, "For what purpose?"

Ye Ling glanced at Yun Luofeng. "If you succeeded in carrying my child, then he can sentence the General Estate the crime of colluding with the enemy and betraying one's country. Even if I am merely a hostage, my identity as the third prince of the enemy's nation still exists."

His words implied that Gao Tu sent him here not only to spy on the General Estate but also to frame and create false charges and thoroughly abolishing the General Estate-the Emperor's malignant tumor!!

It was a pity that old General Yun fought for his country for many years. His son and daughter-in-law even perished in the war, and yet he was reduced to such an ending.

"This dog emperor really laid down a game of good chess." Yun Luofeng bewitchingly smiled, her features displaying her innate arrogance. "Unfortunately, he underestimated the General Estate and what's more, he underestimated me!"

Indeed, Gao Tu underestimated Yun Luofeng too much. He originally thought Yun Luofeng would definitely covet beauty and fall into his treacherous plan! But he did not realize that the current Yun Luofeng is no longer the person, who was in unrequited love with the Crown Prince, from a few months ago

Moreover, with a perfect Yun Xiao next to her, she could only turn her nose up at Third Prince Ye Ling.

"Ye Ling," Yun Luofeng's faintly smiling eyes landed on Ye Ling's body, even though the smile on her face did not change, it still made people feel a penetrating coldness, "what consequences do you think there are for helping the dog Emperor in plotting against me?"

Ye Ling's complexion became ghastly pale as he said with a bitter smile, "As a hostage, it is also not of my own volition. I can only obey his orders."

"I don't care what reasons you have nor do I care about your identity. I only know that you wanted to plot against me!" Yun Luofeng's eyes revealed a harsh light, and she sternly said, "This point alone is enough!"

Ye Ling's body shuddered. He knew, no matter how unwilling he was, as long as he helped Gao Tu plot against her, there was no way she would forgive him!


In Ye Ling's moment of silence, the young lady's figure was like a mirage, suddenly appearing near him.

A slim arm grabbed his wrist, twisting it with force, and a stab of pain shot through his body. It was so painful that Ye Ling could not help but scream.


The girl threw his body on the ground, her foot stepping on his chest. Before Ye Ling had the chance to close his mouth, she fished out a porcelain bottle from her sleeve and forcefully poured the bottle's medicinal liquid into his mouth.

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