Chapter 90: Spies from the Palace (4)

 Chapter 90: Spies from the Palace (4)

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Yun Luofeng lightly raised her brow, her gaze turning slightly towards the person who spoke.

It was a handsome youth with delicate eyebrows, which were somewhat knitted from dissatisfaction. Perhaps due to staying in this stone room devoid of sunlight these past few days, his cheeks were close to becoming a translucent white. It was obvious that he was young, but his eyes contained a feeling of having experienced the vicissitudes of life.

"What's your name?" Yun Luofeng looked at the handsome youth and asked with upturned lips.

The handsome youth did not expect that Yun Luofeng would notice him this swiftly, so he was stunned for a moment. His eyes wandered around in a circle as he said, "Yi Ling! My name is Yi Ling!"

"What I want is your real name! Tell me, what is your real name?" Yun Luofeng folded her arms across her chest, though her tone bore no trace of impatience.

The youth was startled, his eyeball continued to wander as he insisted, "Yi Ling is my real name!"

"Well then, let me change the question: where did you go last night?" Yun Luofeng watched the youth while smiling. Her black eyes seemed to be capable of discerning everything. Nothing could escape her scrutiny!

The youth's face began to sweat. When he left yesterday, no one was trailing after him, so why would Yun Luofeng ask him this question? She was definitely pulling his leg on purpose!

What the youth did not know was, indeed, no one was following him last night, there was only a little hamster sneaking behind him.

"Yi Ling?" Yun Luofeng's smile became more pronounced. "Reportedly, a few years ago, Liujin Kingdom 1 was defeated. In order to seek peace, they sent Liujin Kingdom's most talented third prince, Ye Ling, as a pawn! Third Prince was originally the next generation's sovereign but suffered the fate of being a pawn! Therefore, I want to ask-should I call you Yi Ling or Third Prince?"

The youth's complexion transformed dramatically, his eyes staring at Yun Luofeng in horror.

" did you know?"

Wasn't the General Estate's eldest miss useless? How was she able to discern his identity?

"When Crown Prince first sent you all to General Estate, I didn't notice you, and yet you could not remain calm. When you went to meet with a eunuch from the palace yesterday, you were discovered by my people!" Yun Luofeng gently patted Milk Tea's little head, smiling faintly with lowered eyes. "Of course, if you casually came up with a name when I asked you just now, I would have had no way of knowing you are Ye Ling! However, you actually used the name 'Yi Ling' to deceive me!"

She paused and looked up at the youth's deathly white face.

"Liujin Kingdom's Empress Yi is your mother. It is difficult to go undetected by using this name. I'm only curious, just what terms did that person from the Imperial Palace use to make you do his bidding?"

Ye Ling chuckled wryly. "Yun Luofeng, they all say you are trash and that you only dare to abuse your power by relying on the General Estate's name. Unfortunately, the world is blind; no one was able to see through you. You are correct, I am Ye Ling! The Emperor promised me that after staying in your estate for a full two years, he will let me go back to my kingdom! Not to mention, if it weren't for Yun Luo, that old man, Liujin Kingdom would not be defeated, and I wouldn't become a hostage!" a touch of hatred flashed through Ye Ling's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"Ye Ling, do you think this is really my grandfather's fault?" Yun Luofeng sneered. "I admit, my grandfather used to be foolishly loyal, completely obedient to that dog emperor's commands. However, it was not of his own volition! The one you should truly hate is that dog emperor! What's more, the reason why you became a hostage, I'm afraid you know better than anyone."