Chapter 89: Spies from the Palace (3)

 Chapter 89: Spies from the Palace (3)

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Just as Yun Luofeng mentioned the gold-seeking hamster, Milk Tea, a call drew her attention. Not long after, she saw a little, milky-white hamster making its way inside through the crack of the door, calling Yun Luofeng with its squeak.

"Did you finish digging the underground training ground?" Yun Luofeng held Milk Tea in her palm and asked, "Did you leave behind the three big pits that I told you to retain?"


Milk Tea nodded its head frantically, blinking its eyes at Yun Luofeng, and tried to act cute as if it was asking for a reward.

"What about those people that I had you supervise? How did it go?"

All this time, Milk Tea worked to excavate the underground training ground in the morning and was responsible for supervising the recruits at night! Of course, as a reward, Yun Luofeng did not treat it unfairly and every day, she rewarded it with a Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid.

"Squeak." Milk Tea nodded its head once again, earnestly looking at Yun Luofeng.

"This is your reward for today." Yun Luofeng picked up a vial of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid and tossed it to Milk Tea.

Milk Tea hastily held the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid and used its teeth to tear the lid open, gulping down the medicinal liquid.

Gold-seeking hamsters were different from humans; its cultivation relied on endlessly devouring medicinal herbs! And this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid that was created from medicinal herbs was naturally its food! However, compared with the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, its longing for the spiritual herbs from a few days ago was more intense.

"Squeak, squeak."

After it finished drinking the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, Milk Tea smacked its mouth and called Yun Luofeng a couple times while excitedly gesticulating with its hands and feet.

"Master, it is saying that it witnessed a man leaving General Estate covertly once, and after following him, it discovered that man sending a letter to an old man with an effeminate voice," Xiao Mo faintly spoke to explain as though understanding the confusion in Yun Luofeng's heart.

Apparently, the little guy here has yet to cool his temper.

"An effeminate voice?" Yun Luofeng lightly stroked her chin and chuckled. "Besides the palace's eunuchs, there isn't anyone with a voice that's too effeminate. As expected, it appears that the Emperor doesn't trust the General Estate and planted a spy here! Milk Tea, lead the way. I want to go see that person!"

The reason why she bidded her time these past days was to lure out the spies from the palace! It was clear that the spies had lost their patience and revealed their aim this quickly.

"Squeak, squeak!" Milk Tea cheerfully called twice and scurried down from Yun Luofeng's palm, and swiftly flew out the door while swinging its little butt.

Yun Luofeng did not think twice before closely pursuing it.

At this moment, people were crowded to a bursting point inside the dim and damp stone room. The entire two hundred people dwelling inside the stone room―the degree of crowding could be imagined.

After experiencing Yun Luofeng's neglect these past few days, these people were already becoming impatient. If not for General Estate's considerable salary, why else would they stay in a prison like this?

Amidst everyone's boisterous discussion, a laidback voice was suddenly heard, leading everyone's conversation to an abrupt stop.

"It looks like you guys were doing quite well these past few days, considering that you still have the energy to talk loudly."

The girl's back was leaning against the stone wall, her completely spotless white clothes was in contrast to this dusky stone room. A languid and wicked smile was displayed on her peerlessly beautiful appearance as her dark eyes quietly regarded the suddenly quiet crowd.

"Miss Yun," a dissatisfied voice was heard from the crowd, "after recruiting us, you left us here and paid no heed to us. Just what do you want to do? Were we brought here just so you could treat us this way?"