Chapter 86: Elder Rong Getting Angry (4)

 Chapter 86: Elder Rong Getting Angry (4)

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"Lin Xiao, I will list a bill later, and then you can bring it to the Imperial Palace and make Jing Lin compensate according to the damage! If I don't make him lose his fortune, then my name isn't Rong!" Elder Rong's eyes were spitting fire as he said through gritted teeth.

Elder Ning helplessly shook his head. "I was just thinking that you were angered to craziness by Jing Lin; I didn't think that you would actually use this type of method to dig a hole for him! With the pressure from your Medical Pavilion, Jing Lin wouldn't dare to not compensate."

"Humph!" Elder Rong coldly harrumphed. "Who let Jing Lin, that old bastard, anger Yun'yatou away! How can I not make him let out some blood? Now you will go spread this news, my Medical Pavilion will take responsibility for everything, so Jing Lin wouldn't dare to do anything to you! But if I find out that you helped Jing Lin, don't blame my Medical Pavilion for being merciless!"

A harsh light flitted across Elder Rong's eyes, and his voice was cold and grave!

"Grandfather," Ning Xin lent her arm to support Elder Ning and said with a smiling expression, "with Elder Rong avenging Miss Yun, you can be reassured. But this Jing Lin is truly bringing disaster upon himself!"

Elder Ning smiled wryly as he said, "Xin'er, you're correct. With Elder Rong taking care of it, who still needs this old guy? He's merely the imperial clan's royal physician, so if I took care of it, then that would truly be thinking too highly of him."

When he uttered the last sentence, Elder Ning's typically indifferent appearance took an air of arrogance.

As Ning Family's family head, he naturally had the right to be arrogant! This point was indisputable!


Yun Residence

Ever since Yun Luofeng was brought back by Yun Xiao, the entire Yun residence was in an uproar! Qingyan hurriedly sent someone to inform Yun Luo, and then closely followed Yun Xiao in entering the rear mountain.

However, without waiting for Qingyan to step into the room, the room's door was fiercely slammed shut with a bang, nearly injuring Qingyan's little nose.

She stood outside of the door with a face full of resentment and muttered, "Now that Miss has Yun Xiao attending to her, she doesn't need this servant anymore. Miss values lovers over friends as expected. Forget it, I should better go wait for General to return instead."


Inside the room, Yun Luofeng watched the man standing at the entrance, tightly knitting her brows. "Yun Xiao, leave as well."

Yun Xiao did not move, his cold eyes were intently watching the young lady's somewhat pale complexion.

"Earlier...did you forcefully raise your strength?"

Yun Luofeng closed her eyes weakly.

Her strength was only at early-level spirit cultivator, intermediate rank, but Jing Lin was at middle-level, low-rank. They had an entire two-rank difference between them! The reason why Yun Luofeng was able to hit him while he remained immobile was due to the God Code's strength that she borrowed to forcefully raise her spiritual strength!

Thus, she could use the spirit to attack Jing Lin, causing him to lose his mind for a short time.

Of course, this method had a consequence that was neither light nor heavy. This consequence was that when Yun Luofeng's spirit strength regained its original state, it would make her spirit extremely weak! Hence, she had to have Yun Xiao bring her back.

Yun Luofeng opened her eyes unhurriedly, her voice was devoid of its former arrogance as she weakly said, "I'm fine, leave first."

This time, the typically obedient Yun Xiao did not comply with Yun Luofeng. Not only did he not leave, but he actually walked in front of her. His eyes watched her solemnly and drawled in a magnetic voice, "Why didn't you let me do it?"

Yun Luofeng lifted her eyes, regarding the man standing beside her. "I wanted to do it myself."

There were no other reasons except for the desire to teach Jing Lin a lesson herself-even if it led to her weakened spirit!

"Your strength only belongs to you, it doesn't belong to me! Yun Xiao, do you understand?"

"If you need..." The man's grim eyes stared intently at Yun Luofeng. "My strength can also belong to you."