Chapter 85: Elder Rong Getting Angry (3)

 Chapter 85: Elder Rong Getting Angry (3)

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"As Master Rong orders."

As soon as Elder Rong uttered these words, several men clad in black robes appeared from the shadow of Medical Pavilion.

These black-clothed men grabbed hold of Jing Lin's arms and legs and lifted him like a dead pig. They left the Medical Pavilion and tossed his body on the street in a parabolic path.


All of Jing Lin's limbs were pointing towards the sky. He was entirely covered with dirt and cut a sorry figure! This caused all the pedestrians on the street to halt and watch from the sidelines!

At this moment, Jing Lin finally shook himself off from the intense blow and scrambled up from the ground. He did not even have the time to dust off the dirt on his body before he fled in a battered state.

"Elder Rong, Elder Ning."

Inside the Medical Pavilion, Yun Luofeng's complexion was somewhat unhappy as she said dispiritedly, "I'm a bit tired today. If you want me to treat your illnesses, send someone to the General Estate tomorrow. I'll treat you at the General Estate."

Elder Rong was momentarily stunned and wanted to urge Yun Luofeng to stay, but before he could say his piece, he was pulled by Elder Ning next to him.

Elder Ning shook his head at him, and he shifted his amiable eyes to Yun Luofeng, "Miss Yun, go back and rest well. We will look for you at the General Estate tomorrow."

"Okay." Yun Luofeng did not respond, hooked her arms around Yun Xiao's neck, and closed her eyes gently. "Yun Xiao, take me back."

Yun Xiao pursed his thin lips, bent down, carried Yun Luofeng in his arms, and walked out of the Medical Pavilion in huge strides.

"That damned Jing Lin!"

After Yun Xiao left with Yun Luofeng in his arms, Elder Rong could no longer suppress his rage and finally exploded. "I've already made an agreement with Yun'yatou today! In the end, it's all because Jing Lin was seeking trouble that it angered Yun'yatou to leave causing Daren's treatment to be delayed again!"

The way Elder Rong saw it, if it weren't for Jing Lin, Yun Luofeng would not have left like this. Even if Jing Lin suffered a loss here, it still did not eliminate the fury in his heart!

Suddenly, Elder Rong appeared to have thought of something as he walked to the cabinets where the Medical Pavilion stored its medicinal herbs. With a crashing sound, all valuable medicinal ingredients were flung onto the ground by him!

After thinking a bit, he also picked up a bottle of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid and smashed it onto the ground!


The bottle filled with Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid shattered into smithereens, leading to the snow-white Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid to splatter on the ground and quickly evaporate into thin air.

"Elder Rong!" Elder Ning was stupefied for a moment and upon recovering, he bellowed furiously, "Have you gone insane?"

Elder Rong ignored Elder Ning's outburst and ruthlessly stepped on the medicinal herbs on the ground until all of the valuable medicinal herbs were trampled beyond recognition. Then he took a deep breath and his cold eyes swept over everyone in the Medical Pavilion.

"No one is allowed to disclose a single word about today's matter, especially anything about Yun'yatou! If anyone leaks even a little bit, you will definitely be pursued to death by my Medical Pavilion!"

Everyone could not help but shiver as they swore, "Elder Rong, don't worry, even if we die, we won't reveal a single word!"

"Great!" Elder Rong nodded with satisfaction. "I also want all of you to spread a piece of news! You will say that Jing Lin made things difficult for the General Estate's Eldest Miss, Yun Luofeng, at my Medical Pavilion, but Miss Yun's guard protected her, thus causing him to fail. However, during his skirmish with that guard, he ruined my Medical Pavilion's medicinal herbs, and even the precious Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was not spared from his violent act!"

It was only now that it dawned on Elder Ning what Elder Rong wanted to do, and he could not help but become stupefied.


This was way too domineering!

As expected, you could offend anyone but Elder Rong, this old man. Otherwise, when he dug a hole for someone, it would be to go after their life!

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