Chapter 83: Elder Rong Getting Angry (1)

 Chapter 83: Elder Rong Getting Angry (1)

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Jing Lin regained his senses with great difficulty and had just realized that he had been slapped several times by Yun Luofeng in public surrounded by numerous spectators! He grew incredibly furious in an instant. "Yun Luofeng, you actually dared to be impertinent here in Medical Pavilion! You must immediately kowtow and admit your mistakes to me; otherwise, I definitely won't forgive your behavior today!"

Yun Luofeng accepted the handkerchief that Yun Xiao handed over, carefully wiping the hand that she just used to slap Jing Lin, as though Jing Lin's face had some bacteria contaminating her hand.

"Yun Luo..."

Jing Lin clenched his fists in rage but before he could angrily rebuke her, Elder Rong's impatient voice was heard from the side.

"What are you still doing here? You dare to stir up trouble at my Medical Pavilion, so why aren't you getting lost instantly!"

Jing Lin resolutely swallowed back the mouthful of rage that he was about to spew forth. His haughty gaze landed on Yun Luofeng's bewitching and beautiful appearance, he coldly snorted, "For now, I will consider Elder Rong's face and let you off the hook. Don't tell me you didn't hear Elder Rong's words? Scram!"

After hearing these words, Yun Luofeng did not make any movements, and her eyes smilingly looked at Jing Lin.

Jing Lin became even more disdainful. He had seen people with thick skin before, but never had seen one to this degree! Elder Rong's words were already expressed this bluntly, yet she actually shamelessly continued to stay here! She indeed proved herself as Yun Luo's granddaughter, even the extent of her insensitivity could not be matched by anyone.

Just as Jing Lin wanted to scorn at her more, Elder Rong spoke again, "Jing Lin, I'm telling you to scram, don't tell me you didn't hear me?"

Jing Lin was about to speak but because of Elder Rong's impatient speech, he choked on his words, nearly losing his breath and hiccupping. Suddenly coughing twice, his old face turned beet red as he stared at Elder Rong with dull eyes.

"Elder Rong, the person that you were referring to was me?" He pointed at himself, looking incredulous.

Elder Rong indifferently said, "Who else would it be besides you? I, Elder Rong, have never seen anyone thick-skinned to this degree in my entire life. I already told you to get lost twice, yet you're still in my Medical Pavilion!"

These words were what Jing Lin had used to mock Yun Luofeng, but they were now returned to him by Elder Rong.

Jing Lin's body froze, and his complexion turned pale as he stuttered, "Elder Rong, the one who came to the Medical Pavilion to cause trouble was clearly Yun Luofeng-"

"Ha ha," Elder Ning chuckled, his eyes, which were neither cold nor warm, stared intently at Jing Lin. "Us two old men, only saw you relying on your force to harass people and bullying that girl. Now that you've been beaten, could it be that you're still counting on Medical Pavilion to stand up for you? Elder Rong told you to scram, so you should immediately get lost from the Medical Pavilion already! Otherwise, even if Elder Rong doesn't do anything, this old crock won't let you off!"

Jing Lin's face turned from white to green and from green to red again. He took a deep breath and gave a hollow laugh. "Elder Rong, you must have misunderstood. I didn't bully this girl like a giant bullying an ant. It was her who had someone beat me! So the person who's causing trouble isn't me, but it's actually this girl!"

Even now, Jing Lin still could not quite make sense of the situation, so he thought it was only due to Yun Luofeng's young age that Elder Rong believed he was bullying her!

"Elder Rong, this girl is too insidious and cunning. Last night, she found an old guy to feign injury in a futile attempt to deceive everyone! Thankfully, my disciple possessed brilliant medical skills, so she had long realized that the old guy was just pretending. So not only did my disciple not wake up that unconscious old man, she also didn't expose her for the sake of their old friendship."