Chapter 82: Battered Jing Lin (4)

 Chapter 82: Battered Jing Lin (4)

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Yun Luofeng folded her arms across her chest, her body leaning lazily against Yun Xiao's body. She raised her brow while looking at Jing Lin, whose face was fraught with anger.

"The one who should get lost here is you."

"Ho ho!" Jing Lin snickered twice, the ridicule in his eyes became even more pronounced. "I'm the imperial clan's imperial physician, and you're just a trash that everyone disdains. Anyone would know that the person Elder Rong was referring to was you! And yet you still shamelessly stay here. You have the same conduct as your grandfather! That time, I already warned him, imperial physicians like us would never extend our hands to save Yun Qingya. In the end, he still shamelessly knelt on the ground and begged us! Humph! Did he think that merely kneeling would help? No! Even if he committed suicide in front of me, I still wouldn't help him!"

It could be said that Yun Luofeng's state of mind, in the beginning, was still calm and insipid, but now her chest was rising and falling ruggedly.

Just imagining the scene of Grandfather desperately kneeling down at that time, her heart would surge with boundless fury! However, he did not receive any help despite having knelt and instead, he suffered even more humiliation!

Could you imagine a white-haired and aging old man helplessly kneeling in the biting, cold wind to save his son, and the people around him gave him nothing but derision and mockery!

How heartrending and tragic was this?

Compared with the humiliation that he suffered, he was more distressed by the grave injury of his son! If it were not for her second uncle luckily surviving, perhaps the old man would once again experience the pain of seeing his child die before his eyes!

The entire Medical Pavilion became silent following Jing Lin's words.

Everyone could feel a burst of oppressive atmosphere, as though the surrounding air had frozen...

"Yun Xiao."

Yun Luofeng's voice unhurriedly rung in the midst of this oppressive atmosphere. "You said I shall avenge my own grudges! Only personally exacting my revenge will make me happy!"

Just now, no one else felt it, but Yun Luofeng clearly sensed the desire to kill from Yun Xiao!

She was aware that Yun Xiao undoubtedly possessed an intent to kill! Were it not for her words, Jing Lin's head would probably be separated from his body in the next moment! Even so, was this something she desired?


This was by no means the result that she wanted!

Jing Lin was most proud of his own medical expertise! Only by ruthlessly stepping on his medical expertise would he succumb to an endless despair!

"Jing Lin, you stood aside and watched someone die, and it wasn't your wrong! But you helped Mu family, and that's where you've committed a grave mistake. I can forgive you for leaving someone to die, but I can't forgive you for consorting with the Mu family!"

Yun Luofeng's gaze was bewitching and righteous as she slowly walked towards Jing Lin.

Jing Lin sneered, raising his head to watch Yun Luofeng. Just as he met the girl's black eyes, there was a rumble in his mind, as though his spirit received a hard blow, and his entire body could not help but quiver.

Slap !

A slap heavily landed on Jing Lin's face, a bewitching and arrogant voice reached his ears.

"This slap-you are standing as a substitute for the Mu Family to pay my parents back!"


Yet another slap!

Jing Lin's mind was in a daze, utterly incapable of responding.

"This slap is on behalf of my grandfather! You can witness the death of a person and do nothing, but you don't have the right to humiliate an old father who yearned to save his son!"


A slap heavily struck once again, Jing Lin felt gold stars flashing in front of his eyes, and his whole person became light-headed.

"It looks like you also think you committed a crime, so you aren't dodging or evading! Since it's like this, I will reward you with a few more slaps."

Wasn't it like that?

In the eyes of everyone, it was because Jing Lin was too ashamed that he did not dodge nor evade Yun Luofeng's slaps. However, no one was aware of the impact that also came from the depths of his spirit at that instant...