Chapter 79: Battered Jing Lin (1)

 Chapter 79: Battered Jing Lin (1)

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"Elder Rong."

While the two old guys conversed, the cyan-robed Lin Xiao quickly came in through the door, cupping his hands in salute, and reported, "Reporting to Elder Rong, the imperial clan's imperial doctor, Jing Lin, came to request a meeting."

Jing Lin?

Elder Rong furrowed his brows, no longer having the relaxed disposition he had while he was conversing with Elder Ning, his entire aged face showing impatience. "I already said that I won't see anyone from the imperial clan!"

"Elder Rong, that Jing Lin says he has a several-hundred-year-old old medicinal herb in his possession that he wants to gift to Elder Rong."

Lin Xiao reported all the words to Elder Rong that Jing Lin had spoken outside the door. His tone was flat, as though he was speaking about an irrelevant matter.

Jing Lin's hundred-year-old medicinal herb could be considered as a treasure in the eyes of other people. However, it was a pity that their Medical Pavilion did not care about a hundred-year-old medicinal ingredient!

"Hundred-year-old medicinal herb, what a big gift!" Elder Rong snorted, his face showing derision. "Lin Xiao, do you know why Jing Lin would come to the Medical Pavilion and pay me a visit?"

"Elder Rong, this Jing Lin's appearance is completely flustered. I surmise that he came here on behalf of His Highness the Crown Prince! This morning, I already heard that Crown Prince's spirit energy completely vanished overnight. Jing Lin has already exhausted every means possible and still couldn't make him recover. Therefore, this subordinate boldly suspects that he came here for Crown Prince."

Within a night, the matter about the Crown Prince completely losing his spirit energy spread throughout the entire Longyuan. Of course, this did not escape from Yun Luofeng's special broadcasting. With Jing Lin's medical skill, he certainly could not cure the Crown Prince. As such, he could only come to Medical Pavilion to seek help.

"Go back and inform Jing Lin that our Medical Pavilion doesn't treat people from the imperial clan!" Elder Rong coldly stated.

Elder Ning regarded Elder Rong with some astonishment. Even though the ego of the Medical Pavilion's doctors was quite enormous, and they were awfully difficult to request, Medical Pavilion had always given face to the imperial clan. What's more, the other party was none other than the imperial clan's His Highness the Crown Prince.

Just now, he actually firmly rejected the other party's request?

Elder Rong seemed to understand the confusion inside this old guy's heart and thus explained to him, "Elder Ning, we previously talked about the exceptional genius who's able to treat Daren's Man Luo poison. That genius just happened to have an enmity with Crown Prince. If I save the Crown Prince now, and she becomes unhappy and doesn't treat Daren, then who will I find to cry to?"

Hearing these words, Elder Ning was stunned. "This coincidental? The genius that I know also happens to harbor a grudge against the Crown Prince. Last night, I even witnessed how she retaliated against the Crown Prince."

Elder Rong slightly jolted and was about to say something; however, just then a clamor was heard from the outside, faintly accompanied by the sound of Jing Lin's bellowing.

"What happened outside the door?" Elder Rong stood up, frowning. "Lin Xiao, you go and see what's going on out there. Why is it so noisy?"

"Yes." Lin Xiao cupped his hands in salute and headed outside the door.


In the main hall, Jing Lin's furious gaze unwaveringly stared at the peerlessly beautiful young girl in front of him, the flame in his eyes nearly leaping out.

"Yun Luofeng, you poisonous woman, after hitting Wushuang yesterday, you still have the guts to appear in front of me today! You're just jealous of Wushuang! I'm warning you, if you dare to make things difficult for Wushuang in the future, don't blame me for being merciless!"

Jing Lin's impression of Yun Luofeng had always been that of a trash. In any case, he was unwilling to believe that this good-for-nothing young girl truly possessed exceptional medical skills! In addition, Wushuang admitted that she was unable to diagnose that old man's condition!