Chapter 78: The Unfortunate Lin Qiong (2)

 Chapter 78: The Unfortunate Lin Qiong (2)

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"Master, that was such a great opportunity just now, Why didn't you pounce on him? Why didn't you?" Xiao Mo's indignant voice could be heard from inside her mind.

"Pair cultivation, that is pair cultivation ! The skill it increases isn't little, so why didn't you eat him clean?"

Yun Luofeng smiled wickedly. "Yun Xiao, that guy, is still lacking in training. Wait until after I finished training him to speak of it again. Moreover, though I'm somewhat interested in Yun Xiao, I have yet to develop an affection for him."

"Master, what's not good about Yun Xiao? You have him at your beck and call, he is obedient, and his physique is fantastic! His strength is also exceptional, and most importantly, he still hasn't been with any woman! What area does he still need training?"

Xiao Mo was immensely dissatisfied. A great opportunity like this and his master had given it up. If it were him, he would pounce first and talk later!

Matters like feelings can be slowly nurtured later on!

The night was like water.

In the silent courtyard of Yun residence, a plopping sound of something falling into water could be heard. Splashes of water splattered everywhere, spraying on the man's perfect figure.

The man submerged his entire body into the cold water, and the feverish heat in his body gradually receded. After waiting for his body to recover, he leaped out from the lake, standing on the ground.

His long black robe was soaked from the water, sticking tightly on his body, abdominal muscles were also exposed in the moonlight.

The man's hair was drenched as well. Water droplets followed the perfect contour of his face and unhurriedly cascaded downwards. If any woman saw this sexy and tempting scene, she would definitely succumb to his charm from then on.

Back facing the boundless, black night, he said, "Lin Qiong, increase your punishment."

No one saw a faint shadow cupping his hands in salute at the man, and then disappearing into the night sky.

Yun Xiao was about to depart from the lakeside when he saw the Chungong Tu that he tossed to the side before entering the lake. After thinking a little, he still picked Chungong Tu up and headed towards the direction of the rear mountain.


Ever since the Medical Pavilion released an extraordinary item such as the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, it became livelier than it was previously.

Practically, first thing in the morning every day, there would be a countless number of people showing up to linger with the intention of seizing the Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid as soon as they possibly could! Thankfully, Yun Luofeng gave several doses of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid to the Medical Pavilion, preventing these people from making a riot at the scene.

At this time, inside the Medical Pavilion inner hall, Elder Rong watched the grandfather-granddaughter pair sitting in front of him and chuckled. "Elder Rong, your arrival at Longyuan is quite fortuitous, I went out some time ago, and only just arrived here this morning. How is it? Did you find that godly doctor?"

Elder Ning, this old man, ever since he contracted an incurable disease, he has had an ailing appearance. It had already been a long time since he looked as radiant and energetic as today. It was apparent that he found a life-saving method.

"Elder Rong, you spoke correctly. I did find a famous doctor indeed, however, she isn't someone we personally know. Rather, it's a prestigious doctor who is hidden among the people. My illness is as good as cured."

"Oh?" Elder Rong raised his brow. "That's really great. Truthfully, because our Medical Pavilion couldn't cure you, I've always felt guilty at heart. So when I heard that you'll be coming here, I was actually planning to introduce you to a doctor this time! This doctor is truly an exceptional genius, and she even has a cure for manluo flower's poison. As a matter of fact, I just returned from bringing Daren here."

Hearing that, Elder Ning was also startled while responding with a wry smile, "It turns out that Longyuan has many geniuses. The miss that I met is also a genius. She already promised to treat me, so I don't need to trouble Elder Rong this time. I believe in her ability. Just the same, I still would like to compare with Elder Rong which doctor that we know possess a stronger medical expertise."

No matter what, these two old men would never have imagined that the exceptional genius that they knew was actually the same person!