Chapter 74: A True Face-Slapping (6)

 Chapter 74: A True Face-Slapping (6)

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Gao Ling's hand had struck Wushuang so much that it had lost all its feeling, and his heart was similarly aching to the point of being nearly numb. But no one knew what storm was brewing in his heart...

Watching Gao Ling's gradually deadening look, Mu Wushuang's heart flared with joy, even momentarily forgetting the pain on her face.

She knew then that she had won the gamble!

Like Gao Ling, Mu Wushuang was just as selfish. What she loved about Gao Ling was his status! If this was the case, how could Gao Ling be more important than herself in her heart?

She chose to accept these slaps because she was gambling!

Yun Luofeng exposing her medical skill would definitely arouse Gao Ling's interest, but how could she allow Gao Ling to take a fancy to other women? Thus, she allowed Gao Ling to slap her. Not only did it make Gao Ling hold a larger grudge against Yun Luofeng, but more importantly, it festered the guilt in his heart!

She believed that after today, not only would Gao Ling love her more, it would also increase the animosity he had towards Yun Luofeng...

"It's quite late, if I don't return now, I reckon that my old man will come to get me." Yun Luofeng smiled, her gaze sweeping past Mu Wushuang, who was like that of a pig's face. "Mu Wushuang, go back and tell Mu Xingchou, whatever he owes my Yun Family in the past, I'll gradually pay him back."

The enmity between Yun Family and Mu Family was not a secret in the entire Longyuan Kingdom. After hearing Yun Luofeng's speech, everyone incessantly sighed.

Yun Luo, however, did not have his granddaughter's nerve, daring to announce these words in public.

"Miss Yun," Ning Xin saw Yun Luofeng about to leave, hurriedly calling her to stop her steps, "since you saved my grandfather, I want to treat you to a meal. Is that alright?"

Yun Luofeng's back turned towards Ning Xin, she shrugged. "I should return to inform my old man about today's affair, and then please him. I'm afraid I'm unable to accept your invitation."

"How about tomorrow?" Ning Xin blinked her eyes. "Do you have time tomorrow?"

Yun Luofeng pondered on it for a moment, nodding, "You can wait for me at Longyuan's inn. I will come find you myself tomorrow."

With that, she waved her hand in a farewell gesture towards the people behind her and slowly walked down the ship, as she gradually disappeared in the endless darkness...

Gao Shaochen narrowed his cunning eyes, staring intently at the direction where Yun Luofeng had left, scoffing, "No matter how hard the bone is, there will eventually be a day that it will become soft. Yun Luofeng, this Prince really doesn't believe that I can't cook you completely."

Under the night sky, the General Estate was serene and peaceful. A man stood under the night sky, his ink-black hair lightly fluttered in the breeze. His black clothes complemented his tall, straight, powerful, and robust physique. His countenance was cold beyond comparison, perfect to the point of making the gods jealous.

The man was currently holding a yellow book. His sword-like brows were tightly knitted, and a trace of agitation flitted across his face.

When Lin Qiong had brought Chungong Tu over, he reminded him that if he wanted to study the illustrations in this yellow book, he better do it with Yun Luofeng. Otherwise, he had no way of understanding these pictures thoroughly.

As such, the man still had not opened the yellow book in his hands until now.

Just as the man was at a loss as to whether he should flip the book open or not, a joyous voice came from the front courtyard. Even though it was far away, he could still hear it distinctly...

"General-daren, Miss has returned, Eldest Miss is back!"

She was back?

After the man heard the maidservant Qingyan's raucous voice, his cold, black eyes flashed with an obscure light...