Chapter 73: A True Face-Slapping (5)

 Chapter 73: A True Face-Slapping (5)

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Gao Ling's heart ached. "Wushuang, don't worry, the humiliation that we suffer today, I will return it to her a hundredfold in the future."

Mu Wushuang smiled; her smile contained sorrow and pain, and it made Gao Ling's heart ache even more. Similarly, the hate in his heart towards Yun Luofeng became even deeper.


Gao Ling lifted his trembling hand, a slap gently landed on Mu Wushuang's face. This slap was like brushing a speck of dust away, completely lacking in strength.

"If you hit her with that strength, I estimate that you won't be stopping for a whole night," Yun Luofeng kindly reminded him.

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Mu Wushuang pursed her lips. "Your Highness the Crown Prince, you don't need to take pity on Wushuang. Wushuang isn't afraid of pain nor humiliation."

Gao Ling's heart trembled a bit. When confronted with this beautiful appearance, he really could not bear to strike her.

"Wushuang, apologies."

Gao Ling slightly closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, the guilt in his eyes became more pronounced. He lifted his hand, fiercely slapping Mu Wushuang.


A crisp and loud sound resounded. It was very unexpected in this still and silent cabin.

Mu Wushuang's left cheek instantly reddened and swelled. It hurt so much that her tears lingered in her eyes, but she stubbornly held onto them.

As the beloved daughter of the Prime Minister Estate, even a single strand of hair had not been harmed, to say nothing of being slapped by anyone. And now, because of Yun Luofeng, she was suffering so much humiliation in public. She would remember this debt!

In fact, Mu Wushuang had not given it much thought. If Crown Prince really loved her more than he loved himself, even if he came out as a scoundrel who reneged on his words, he would not hurt her in the slightest! But in the end, Crown Prince still chose himself!


Slap slap slap!

Gao Ling's slaps landed on Mu Wushuang's face one after another, it felt like the slaps were battering on his own heart and made his own heart sting with pain. But when he thought of his reputation, he continued to mercilessly slap Mu Wushuang.

"Today's show is quite marvelous," Gao Shaochen smiled, his gentle face containing a playful smile. "Luofeng, if we find ourselves in today's situation, I wouldn't hit you even if it means going back on my words."

Yun Luofeng crossed her arms in front of her chest, half-leaning against the cabin door. Hearing Gao Shaochen's words, she only lifted her brow and smiled. "Are you and I familiar with each other?"

"Oh," Gao Shaochen caressed his chin, his sly eyes winking at Yun Luofeng, " if we set out together to cook for a bit, then wouldn't be familiar with each other 1 ? How about you come to Fourth Prince Estate tomorrow, so we can go to bed together to cook for a bit?"

"From the Prince Estate's entrance, turn right and then enter an alley and you'll see the most famous brothel in Longyuan. If you go there, you can cook whoever you want." Yun Luofeng cast an indifferent glance at Gao Shaochen. She did not expect that this man who was gentle like jade on the outside could also be this flirtatious.

In comparison, she was far more interested in Yun Xiao, who had not been trained enough...

Gao Shaochen displayed a sly smile. "Those women are extremely easy to cook thoroughly, really making this Prince lose interest. They don't entice me as much as you do, Luofeng, they are inferior when compared with how difficult to cook, bite, and chew you are."

"Not bad," Yun Luofeng said, nodding in agreement. "What you said was correct. Something that can be easily cooked is nowhere near as interesting as a someone who's chewy. As far as I'm concerned, Fourth Prince, you're an easily cooked mushy bone."

Gao Shaochen's face finally froze, discovering that he had just dug a hole to bury himself...

It was unknown how many times Gao Ling slapped Mu Wushuang. The current Mu Wushuang had both of her cheeks swollen like a pig's head, no longer possessing its beautiful and elegant appearance. Her pretty eyes held glistening teardrops, fragile and heartbreaking.

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[1] Both "cooked" and "familiar" uses the same word, which is "," in Chinese, so Shaochen is playing with words.