Chapter 72: A True Face-Slapping (4)

 Chapter 72: A True Face-Slapping (4)

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Fortunately, everyone was currently not in their normal state and did not discover the malice in her eyes...

"Xin'er, what just happened ?" Elder Ning, who did not know the situation, knitted his brows and asked.

Ning Xin immediately went to explain the bet between Yun Luofeng and Crown Prince, including all that was spoken by Mu Wushuang and the others without missing a single word.

"Oh? Miss Mu Wushuang wants to instruct Miss Yun?" Elder Ning stared at Mu Wushuang, whose face had mounting shame all over it, with shock and spoke in a flat tone, "Since it's like this, this old crock shall impart you a few tips. A truly prestigious doctor doesn't need to feel the patient's pulse to diagnose his condition. They just need to use their eyes to discern the patient's condition. A doctor who even needs to take pulse for a mere diagnosis is just a quack!"

Mu Wushuang's body was struck by a tremor. Clenching her fists tightly, the hate in her heart burned like a raging inferno.

It was all Yun Luofeng's fault!

If it wasn't for her, she would not be subjected to such humiliation! She also would not be called a quack! However, it was precisely because of Yun Luofeng that she was unable to say anything to retort!

"Xin'er," Elder Ning turned to look at Ning Xin, "you should learn from Miss Yun from now on. I can tell that Miss Yun is quite fine and has excellent medical skills and reliable behavior. You are too impetuous and would surely get yourself into a mess. You were nearly deceived by a mere quack. If it wasn't for Miss Yun's heroic aid, I probably would have died in the hands of a quack."

"Yes, I understand. I won't make the same mistake in the future and also won't be deceived by quacks."

This pair of grandfather and granddaughter's calling of "quack" one after another angered Mu Wushuang so much that it caused her chest to rise and fall and turned her complexion to an angry shade of red. She was about to find an excuse to leave when Yun Luofeng's languid, wicked voice was heard from the side.

"Crown Prince, shouldn't you start fulfilling our second promise?" Yun Luofeng lazily stretched, her lips wearing a teasing smile. "It's already quite late, and I want to return to sleep earlier, so you shouldn't waste my time. Remember, the heavier the slap, the better. The heavier it is, the happier I am, and you can also finish earlier."

Gao Ling's expression shifted as he angrily bellowed, "Yun Luofeng, don't go too far!"

"It turns out that the magnificent His Highness the Crown Prince is a wicked person who reneges on his words," Yun Luofeng cast Gao Ling a side glance. "In any case, it doesn't matter whether you're willing to fulfill your promise or not, since we have Fourth Prince and Elder Ning to testify. If this spreads, everyone will know then that Crown Prince is a scoundrel who goes back on his words."


Gao Ling's eyes shot fire, his malevolent expression gave the impression that he would punch Yun Luofeng's face at any moment.

"Miss Yun," Elder Ning was afraid that Gao Ling would pounce on Yun Luofeng out of anger, so he shielded Yun Luofeng behind his body like he was fiercely protecting his children, "rest assured, the terms that he promised you, this old crock will definitely help you make him fulfill it! If not, this old crock will definitely help you spread his dishonorable conduct to the world.

Gao Ling did not know Elder Ning's identity, so he did not dare to act rashly. Soon after, Mu Wushuang slowly walked in front of him. Her gentle eyes showed a resolute intensity.

"Crown Prince, it's not worth it if you go back on your words for Wushuang. Wushuang made you agree to her terms, so you must keep your promise. Therefore, slap me, Wushuang will definitely not be a burden to Crown Prince."

Mu Wushuang lifted her beautiful face, her pretty eyes fraught with strong sentiments.

She wanted to convey to him that she was willing to accept this humiliation because of him!