Chapter 70: A True Face-Slapping (2)

 Chapter 70: A True Face-Slapping (2)

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The pretty girl was stunned, subconsciously stepping to the side and leaving a path open for her.

"Yun Luofeng," Mu Wushuang brows furrowed tightly, "since you want to save someone, we won't interfere with you. However, since our grandfathers are both court ministers, I shall give you a few pointers. When treating someone, you must take the pulse of the patient first. If you don't know how to take the pulse, I can teach it to you on the spot."

These words sounded like she was teaching Yun Luofeng, but it was actually telling other people that Yun Luofeng was a trash that did not even know how to take pulse! A useless person like her would only treat someone to death and was incapable of saving anyone!

"Little Miss, could it be that you don't know the background of Yun Luofeng? She is Longyuan's most notorious trash. Would you really dare to have her treat your grandfather? She doesn't even know how to take a pulse, so how does she dare to speak of treating someone?" Guan Lin chuckled, his words were biting and contemptuous.

Yun Luofeng raised her brows and appeared to inadvertently glance at her back where Guan Lin was.

Her gaze seemed to contain a hint of mockery, with an unruly arrogance and an imposing wickedness, which abruptly stop Guan Lin's laughter. A look of astonishment flitted across his face. It was a long while before he trembled, abruptly waking up.

This trash was still the useless person from the past, but why was her gaze so intimidating?

"I will only give you one chance." Yun Luofeng retracted her gaze, her black eyes shifted to the pretty girl who was hesitating due to Guan Lin's words. "To save or not to save will entirely depend on your decision! Nevertheless, allow me to say this: if your grandfather remains unconscious, I'm afraid he won't survive past today."

There was a hint of struggle visible on the girl's face. Finally, she resolutely gritted her teeth. "Miss, please save my grandfather!"

During this journey, Grandfather's condition had turned for the worst. If it continued to drag out, she's afraid that he might not survive the night. At present, she could only make one last desperate attempt to save this hopeless situation!

As soon as the young lady said these words, Yun Luofeng pulled out a cloth parcel from her sleeve. She carefully opened the parcel, taking out a sparkling, shiny silver needle from the inside.

Her fingertips softly pinched the silver needle and aimed the needlepoint at the elderly person's baihui 1 acupuncture point, slowly pushing the silver needle into the head of the old man. Following the appearance of silver needle, Yun Luofeng's expression changed from its previous laziness into something particularly imposing.

No one saw that after the needle entered the elderly person's baihui point, a white spiritual energy trailed from the needle and gradually flow into the body of the elder.

According to the record of the Medical God Code, when doctors treated someone, they could combine medical skills and spiritual energy, and it would achieve half the work with twice the effect. However, this method had already been lost, and not to mention the spiritual energy consumption when saving someone was enormous, so there were only a few people who could do it to this extent today.

But Yun Luofeng was different!

The Medical God Code could replenish her spiritual energy consumption!

Like this, she did not have to worry about suddenly exhausting her spiritual energy, whether it was during a battle or a treatment,

Mu Wushuang shook her head, helplessly sighing, "Crown Prince, this Yun Luofeng did not even diagnose the other person's illness and took a risk by performing acupuncture on him. More importantly, the location where she applied the acupuncture was the baihui point. This action has already proven her failure. Originally, my master would have been able to cure him, but unfortunately..."

Her words implied that with Jing Lin's ability, he could have cured this elderly person, but after Yun Luofeng's interference, this elderly person definitely could no longer be saved!

"I already said this before, Yun Luofeng does not have any genuine ability, and she can only deceive people."

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[1] baihui point () is an acupuncture point that is right at the center of someone's head and one the most common points used during treatment.