Chapter 69: A True Face-Slapping (1)

 Chapter 69: A True Face-Slapping (1)

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"Yun Luofeng!" Gao Ling could not resist bellowing, clenching his fists so tight until they rattled. "I'm warning you, don't go too far! I will definitely not agree on this matter!"

Yun Luofeng folded her arms across her chest, she cast a side glance at the ashen-faced Gao Ling, chuckling. "Does His Highness the Crown Prince think I can cure this elderly person for certain? Otherwise, why wouldn't you dare accept my terms?"

"You..." Gao Ling's veins protruded on his temple, a clear indication that he was about to get furious.

Then, a warm, jade-like hand grasped his fist, followed by Mu Wushuang's graceful and sweet-sounding voice shortly after.

"Crown Prince, what would be the harm in agreeing to this condition? Wushuang trusts that she would not have the opportunity to make Crown Prince raise his hands against me." Wushuang was smiling gently, a completely different person from her normally cold and graceful self.

Even though she could not rescue this old man, she didn't believe that Yun Luofeng, a novice, could save him. As such, no matter what demands she proposed right now, she would end up slapping her own face!

"Wushuang, since you put it like that, this Crown Prince will give her this opportunity." Gao Ling grasped Mu Wushuang's hand in response, his tone soft. However, when he glanced at Yun Luofeng, his eyes were filled with animosity, which was in complete contrast to his previous gentleness. "Yun Luofeng, I know that you caused this commotion today in order to attract this Crown Prince. You've succeeded! This Crown Prince had indeed noticed you again. Just the same, this Crown Prince is even more disgusted by you! Don't ever think about obtaining this Crown Prince's heart in this lifetime!"

Gao Ling still did not believe that it was Yun Luofeng who proposed to annul the engagement in the main hall more than ten days ago! This Yun Luofeng loved him so desperately, so how could she be willing to break off her engagement with him? It must have been Yun clan's old man taking pity for his granddaughter and breaking off the engagement out of his own volition.


The foxlike man, Gao Shaochen, guffawed carelessly, instantly attracting everyone's attention.

"Why are you laughing?" Gao Ling's eyes darkened as he asked sternly.

"It's nothing, this Prince is just wondering why this world is riddled with many shameless people?" Gao Shaochen chuckled softly, his cunning, foxy eyes winking at Yun Luofeng. "Miss Yun, I'm not sure if this Prince's words are correct?"

Gao Ling, of course, did not believe the person that Gao Shaochen was alluding to was Yun Luofeng, recalling the other party's animosity towards him for these past years. His face unconsciously turned a few degrees frostier, and a cold light flashed through his eyes.

"Imperial Brother, you should be more aware of your status. You're just a prince, so who gave you the courage to be arrogant in front of this Crown Prince?"

The crown prince of Longyuan had always been conferred to the legitimate child instead of the eldest! Though the fourth prince was older than Gao Ling, the position was still conferred to Gao Ling, who was the fifth prince at that time.

The reason was none other than the fact that Crown Prince was the son of the late Empress.

He was destined to be incomparably exalted from the moment he was born! Other people were all to be stomped beneath his feet!

Gao Shaochen's eyes slightly darkened and sneered, "Reincarnation truly is a skill. As long as one reincarnates well, their ability becomes secondary. However, some people discarded a resplendent pearl in favor of a fisheye, so they will forever regret this decision in the end."

After saying these words, Gao Shaochen did not look at Gao Ling anymore. His smiling eyes focused on the peerlessly beautiful girl walking towards the old man...

"Can you please step aside?" Yun Luofeng slightly lifted her gaze and told the pretty girl blocking her, "I will now use these needles on him."