Chapter 67: Terms (1)

 Chapter 67: Terms (1)

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Dusk fell onto the cabin as Mu Wushuang gracefully stepped towards the elderly man, who had fallen on the ground. A faint smile showed on her face, and her beautiful eyes reflected the light. She murmured to the pretty young girl, "Miss, can you step aside and allow me to diagnose your grandfather's condition?"

The young girl nodded vigorously, a ray of hope burgeoning in her eyes.

She was simply turning to any doctor that she could find in an emergency. She did not even fully investigate Mu Wushuang's identity and rashly had her rescue Grandfather.

Mu Wushuang kneeled beside the elderly man, her fingers on his pulse. Her shapely brows were slightly knitted. "Miss, your grandfather's condition is a bit complicated. I'm afraid I need to return and discuss this with my master."

Her words were very guarded. She did not say she could not treat, and also did not say she could treat for certain, just leaving room for people to blindly speculate.

"Your master?"

The young girl's gaze, which was originally anxious after hearing the first half of Mu Wushuang's words, involuntarily brightened. In her anxious state, she gripped Mu Wushuang's shoulders, begging, "Hurry and take me to meet your master. As long as you can rescue my grandfather, I will comply with any requests of yours."

"This..." Mu Wushuang tightly wrinkled her shapely brows, her face full of awkwardness. "My master isn't willing to treat just about anyone. If I presumptuously bring anyone back, I'm afraid I will be strictly reproached by him."

The young girl's eyes dimmed, the hands clutching on Mu Wushuang's shoulders unconsciously loosened.

That's true, why would a famous doctor of this era unconditionally treat other people? It really seemed that Grandfather could no longer be saved,

"How about this," Mu Wushuang's gaze shifted slightly, "I'll go back and plead with Master. If he is willing, I will notify you. What do you..."

Her words had not even been finished when a sound of laughter suddenly interrupted her words.

Mu Wushuang furrowed her shapely brows tightly. Her beautiful eyes swept towards the peerlessly gorgeous young girl standing against the ship's door, and she sternly rebuked, "Yun Luofeng, I know you can't put down your face to discourse medical arts with me. But when I was treating, I didn't let the people leave because I wanted to let you learn a few pointers! Why couldn't you understand my earnest intentions?"

Her tone was like that of a master giving pointers to a disciple! If anyone who was ignorant of the truth saw this, then they would treat Yun Luofeng as an uncontrollable disciple!

"Mu Wushuang," Yun Luofeng slowly straightened her body, her smile lazy and bewitching, "to be honest, I'm really starting to somewhat respect you."

Mu Wushuang elegantly smiled. In her eyes, it was a matter-of-course for Yun Luofeng, the trash, to respect her.

Following Yun Luofeng's words, however, made her freeze in her spot...

"You don't know the identity of this pair of grandfather and granddaughter, so you intend to fool them, and then go back to check on their background. If they don't have any background, then you can snatch the thousand-year ginseng into your hands without any fear. If they do have a background, then you'll leave behind this one sentence: even master is helpless about this elderly man's condition. And this is why I truly have an immense respect for you."

Without a doubt, Yun Luofeng's words voiced Mu Wushuang's true thoughts. It also made her facial expression involuntarily change.

"Yun Luofeng, I know you hate me, but even if you hate me, you don't need to unjustly accuse me! I only found them pitiful, so I wanted to do every possible means to save him. If I really can't save this elderly man, it still wouldn't be my fault!" Mu Wushuang smoothed her expression. "Although my master has brilliant medical skills, he still isn't able to treat every illness."

The meaning behind her words: if the treatment failed, the responsibility would not fall on her!

"Yun Luofeng!"

Seeing his beloved woman being bullied, Gao Lin suddenly grew furious. "What deeply-seated enmity do you have with Wushuang that you kept on targeting her? Doctors aren't immortals who are able to cure any ailments! If you have the capability, then rescue him yourself. If not, then don't talk anymore!"