Chapter 66: Publicly Display Affection, Die Faster (4)

 Chapter 66: Publicly Display Affection, Die Faster (4)

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Ning Family?

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes revealing astonishment.

Within Long Yuan's four great clans, there was no Ning Clan. So where did this Ning Clan come from? Based on their attire, it did not look like they were from a small clan.

Seeing the indifference on everyone's face, the pretty young girl bit her pearly white teeth and made the terms more attractive.

"If someone is able to rescue my grandfather's life, I will use a thousand-year ginseng as a reward!"

Thousand-year ginseng...


Everyone drew in a breath of cold air. This type of precious medicine, even His Majesty the Emperor only had one! Moreover, that ginseng was still far from being a thousand-year-old.

Unexpectedly, this young girl would actually put forward a thousand-year-old ginseng as a reward. Just what was the origin of this nouveau riche?

Because the luxurious ship was extremely spacious, beside the ship's hall, there were still more than 10 luxurious private rooms, and this young girl was clearly not part of Gao Ling's group.

Guan Lin chuckled. "Little Miss, to be honest, the only one of us who can rescue you is Miss Wushuang. You might not be aware of Miss Wushuang's reputation-she's our Long Yuan's peerless genius, and her medical skill is even more outstanding. Within the entire continent's younger generation, there isn't anyone as outstanding as Miss Wushuang! So your luck is quite good this time, being able to meet your savior."

The pretty girl's eyes brightened, following Guan Lin's gaze to turn to Mu Wushuang. As though she was grabbing her last life-saving straw, she anxiously said, "Miss, I implore you to please rescue my grandfather. My grandfather can't die. As long as you rescue my grandfather, our Ning Family will owe you a big favor."

This time, they left the clan to visit famous doctors all over the place in order to treat Grandfather. Who knew that upon arriving here, Grandfather would have an attack?

In fact, even the Medical Pavilion's doctors said they could not cure his illness, and they could only try to extend his life. Thus, they were not hopeful about this trip at all and only wanted to try their luck.

Who would have thought that she would really run into this luck? Hearing this youth's words, it appeared that this girl named Mu Wushuang possessed formidable medical skills, even surpassing that of the Medical Pavilion. Perhaps she could really treat Grandfather...

"This..." Mu Wushuang feigned modesty and said, "I can't guarantee I'll be able to treat your grandfather. I can only try my hardest."

"Miss Wushuang, there's no need to be modest. You are the disciple of a famous doctor, and your medical skill is incomparably brilliant. If you can't treat this illness, then who else can treat it?" Guan Lin continued to heap flattery on Mu Wushuang.

It was very obvious that his flattery made Mu Wushuang exultant. However, her expression did not show a hint of it, and she maintained the noble and graceful demeanor of an expert.

The pretty girl's gaze lit up again. He said Mu Wushuang was the disciple of a famous doctor? Could it be the one that Grandfather had once mentioned? It was said that that person had always been elusive and possessed an eccentric temper. Finding him was more difficult than ascending to heaven. From what she could see, the only one who could cure Grandfather was that person.

Suddenly, the beautiful girl's heart was filled with confidence. If she knew that Mu Wushuang's master was only a minor imperial physician in Long Yuan, would she be so angry that she would ruthlessly beat up the exaggerating Guan Lin?

Yun Luofeng lazily leaned against the cabin door, wickedly looking at Mu Wushuang, who was planning to treat the elderly man-clearly the posture of someone intending to watch a good show.

"What are you smiling at?" Guan Lin caught a glimpse of the smile on Yun Luofeng's face and coldly snorted. "Among us, Miss Wushuang has the best medical skills, so what's the meaning of your smile? Could it be that you think you can cure an illness? You're truly a trash who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth!"