Chapter 64: Publicly Display Affection, Die Faster (2)

 Chapter 64: Publicly Display Affection, Die Faster (2)

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The young girl's gaze was pitch black, like the infinite night sky.

She was obviously watching you, but she gave people the feeling that she was looking down on you!

This feeling of contempt was usually only reserved to those in the upper echelon! However, the current Yun Luofeng brought them this type of feeling...

"You came?"

Mu Wushuang's heart quivered a bit. After calming her mind, her demeanor became elegant and graceful. Not only did it not betray the jealousy in her heart, but it also did not display too much fondness for the other. Rather, she used a tone that a giant would use when facing a nobody to speak to her, "You're late."

Yun Luofeng lifted the corner of her lips. Her dark gaze turned towards Gao Ling, the smile on her lips was wicked and imposing. "The shichen that was written on the invitation that Crown Prince sent me had just arrived, could it be that His Highness the Crown Prince purposefully wrote it wrong?"

Mu Wushuang, of course, could not say the Crown Prince wrote the wrong time, so, she unquestionably took the blame on herself.

"I guessed we all remembered the wrong time, so we came early. I apologize, I shouldn't have reprimanded you for being late just now."

This remark had thrown Yun Luofeng in conflict with everyone.

Was it possible that only her time was correct? Could it be that they all remembered wrong?

"Yun Luofeng, don't go too far!" The handsome appearance suddenly darkened. Gao Ling gathered Mu Wushuang into his arms, his sword-like eyes were shooting daggers at Yun Luofeng. "The time that I wrote is truly youshi one quarter 1 , you were late but you pushed the blame on Wushuang. Wushuang, you don't need to apologize to this trash!"

In Gao Ling's arms, Mu Wushuang took advantage of everyone's distraction and faintly hooked the corner of her lips.

Of course, what the Crown Prince wrote was youshi one-quarter. However, taking advantage of the Crown Prince's distraction, she changed the time to youshi three-quarter...

"Crown Prince," Mu Wushuang reflexively wanted to struggle out of the Crown Prince's arms, and her long, shapely eyebrows slightly furrowed. "Please release me, doing this in public in front of many people isn't right. Moreover, Yun Luofeng was your previous fiancée."

Hearing these words, Gao Ling held her body even tighter and domineeringly stated, "It won't be long before you are this Crown Prince's officially wedded wife, why can't I? You, Mu Wushuang, are not only the heaven's proud daughter 2 , but you are also Jing Lin's disciple, possessing extremely high medical skills at a young age. How can Yun Luofeng compare with you?"

Mu Wushuang's face reddened, no longer struggling. She leaned against Gao Ling's broad chest, and her lips raised with a content and blissful smile.

In front of this dog couple engaging in an intimate embrace, Yun Luofeng lazily stretched herself, her wicked black eyes flashing with humor. "I will send you off with one sentence: publicly display affection, and you will die faster!"

His handsome appearance became increasingly unsightly, Gao Ling was about to open his mouth to castigate Yun Luofeng, however, at that time, Mu Wushuang pulled his hand.

"Forget it, Your Highness. No matter what, you used to be Yun Luofeng's fiancé. It's normal for her to be unhappy with you doing this," Mu Wushuang shook her head at Gao Ling. Her beautiful eyes turned towards Yun Luofeng, her mannerism exquisitely elegant, "Yun Luofeng, I heard you recently became fascinated with medicine? What do you think about exploring it together?"


Mu Wushuang had just barely spoken these words when the Minister of War's son could not help himself from laughing derisively. "Miss Wushuang, if you want to find someone to explore the art of healing, you're barking up the wrong tree. How can Yun Luofeng even be compared to you? You're Jing Lin's disciple and have excellent medical skills. What of her? A wastrel who uses her wealth to buy medicinal herbs to burn and play! I am truly curious, with the number of medicinal herbs she bought, she actually hasn't poisoned anyone to death yet?"

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[1] youshi () = the time period 5-7pm in the Chinese shichen time system. Youshi one quarter would be 5:30pm. Youshi three quarter would be 6:30pm.

[2] Heaven's proud daughter () = An extremely talented female, perhaps with good looks and family background as well, as though blessed by heaven. For males, it would be .