Chapter 62: Banquet Invitation (4)

 Chapter 62: Banquet Invitation (4)

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The imperial guard cupped his fist in salute and then retreated.

As soon as he left, Yun Luo furrowed his brows, asking, "What does Crown Prince want to do this time?"

"It's like this," Yun Luofeng closed the invitation, "this evening, Crown Prince will host a banquet beside Qin River. Basically, all the younger generation nobles of Long Yuan will attend. Thus, he sent an invitation! But in the past, there had been many of these banquets too, but he has never invited me. Now it looks like this Crown Prince wants to flaunt his affection for Mu Wushuang in front of me and humiliate me while he is at it."

"You and Crown Prince have already dissolved your engagement. Does he really need to do this?"

"Grandfather, did you forget? It is true that Crown Prince wanted to dissolve the engagement with me, but, in the end, this matter was proposed by our Yun household! In a way, this has changed the nature of things-making me be the one discarding Crown Prince! Even though everyone knows that Crown Prince's heart belongs to Mu Wushuang, it will still make him feel embarrassed. He wants to make me realize that having lost him, I won't find a better man anywhere else!"

A wicked smile spread on Yun Luofeng's face. "Since he wants to flaunt his affection, I will cater to his request. Whyever not?"

"Feng'er, I don't recommend you going." Yun Luo's brows furrowed tighter. "Although you can cultivate now, your ability compared to the Crown Prince still has too great of a difference! You'll be at a disadvantage by going like this!"

Yun Luofeng's pair of black eyes emitted a dazzling light, and her brash features revealed a confident radiance.

"Don't worry, I will never be taken advantage of."

The ones at a disadvantage would always be others, and would not be her!

"Do you want Yun Xiao to accompany you?" Yun Luo's heart still had some concern.

In his heart, those people were like ravenous wolves and feral leopards. How could his soft-skinned and tender-fleshed granddaughter withstand their bites?

"Making Yun Xiao handle those people, isn't it just making a mountain out of a molehill?" Yun Luofeng raised her brows. "Going by myself will be enough. Grandfather, I need to go make preparations for tonight's banquet. Don't worry and wait for me at home."

She patted Yun Luo's shoulders, mysteriously smiled, and then left...


Qin riverbank.

The sound of zither lingered, its lingering sound went on for a long time.

Inside the lively, luxurious, and huge ship, many talented youths were loudly discussing verses, ditties, odes, songs, or complicated cultivation problems! And Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang, who were surrounded by these people, became the targets of their adulation.

"Right, Your Highness the Crown Prince, didn't you say that Yun Luofeng, that trash, will come too today? Why hasn't she appeared yet?" the son of the Minister of War, Guan Lin, suddenly asked.

The lively crowd abruptly quieted down. It was a long time before the conversation went louder than before.

"Your Highness the Crown Prince, why did you invite a trash like Yun Luofeng here? People like her are not qualified to socialize with us!"

"That's right, this Yun Luofeng was merely a trash before, but look at what she has recently done! First, she squandered away all of the General Estate's money, and then she forced General Yun to recruit guards and maidservants for her! General Yun is already old in years, but he still has to do hard labor. Why doesn't a person like her just go die already?"

"She is fundamentally devoid of any conscience and has no sense of gratitude! Your Highness the Crown Prince, in the past, you didn't turn your back on her lack of innate talent and were still willing to fulfill the engagement to marry her as your wife. Despite that, she still had the nerve to actually grab a pretty boy in public! How can the world have a shameless woman like this!"

Hearing these people belittle Yun Luofeng, Mu Wushuang's heart filled a great delight. However, her face did not reveal any of it, and her appearance still bore an elegant and graceful smile.

"This matter has nothing to do with Crown Prince. It was me who asked Crown Prince to invite her. Furthermore, the point of letting her come this time is very obvious. I will choose a husband for her amongst you to compensate for Crown Prince withdrawing from the engagement."

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