Chapter 61: Banquet Invitation (3)

 Chapter 61: Banquet Invitation (3)

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His voice was gruff but contained a wave of spiritual energy, enough to make that person in the shadows hear him. Therefore, right after those words were spoken, a man clad in a gray robe swiftly entered, lowering himself in front of Yun Xiao.

"Master, what are your orders?"

Yun Xiao was silent for a moment, then out of the blue, he asked, "Have you ever been in contact with women?"

"Ah?" Lin Qiong was dumbfounded. He never thought the reason that his master called him out was to ask this question.

Previously, because Lin Qiong feared that Yun Luofeng might discover him, he kept himself at a distance. Adding to that, the voice that Yun Luofeng used when talking to Yun Xiao was quiet, so he did not hear what they were speaking about.

"This..." Lin Qiong scratched his head, "master, you don't have any women around you. Thus, this subordinate doesn't have contact with women very often either. However, once I finished a mission, I would occasionally visit a brothel."

"Do you know Chungong Tu ?" Yun Xiao frowned and made another query.

Lin Qiong was thoroughly flabbergasted. Just what kind of provocation was Master subjected to, to go so far as to actually take the initiative to ask about a thing like Chungong Tu?"

"Master, you want Chungong Tu ?"

"Yes," Yun Xiao answered in a deep voice, "prepare a copy of Chungong Tu for me."

"..." Lin Qiong was so shocked that he could not make a sound.

Master actually wanted to look at Chungong Tu ?

Could it be that he was starting to open his eyes?

"Yes, this subordinate will do as you say!" Lin Qiong respectfully cupped his fists in a hurry. Soon after, as though he had thought of something, he said, "Master, just now this subordinate felt this Yun family's rear mountain appears to have another person, I don't know whether to..."

The man's cold gaze landed on Lin Qiong's body, frightening Lin Qiong and making his whole body shudder. He immediately lowered his head.

"Please forgive this subordinate!"

How could he forget that his master's strength was very strong? With his strength, he reckoned he already felt the existence of the other person. However, he did not say anything nor did he investigate the reason. From this, one could infer the relationship between that person and Yun family!

Yet, he recklessly revealed this matter! Knowing his master's methods, it was impossible for his master to let him off easy.

"Go back and receive your punishment." The man's voice was cold and emotionless, similar to that of a heavy blow, ferociously pounding on Lin Qiong's body.

"This subordinate receives your decree."

A layer of cold sweat appeared on Lin Qiong's forehead. When he thought of the punishment that his master had decreed, he could not help but feel his hairs stand on its end.

"Remember, things that you shouldn't concern yourself about, you shouldn't mind!" After saying these words, Yun Xiao headed out of the house. When he was about to step out of the house's door, he said, "After bringing Chungong Tu , go back to receive your punishment."

After Yun Xiao had disappeared, both of Lin Qiong's legs went soft, and he plopped into a sitting position on the ground. He severely smacked his own mouth, his face fraught with chagrin.

"Keep shooting your mouth off! Great, now you need to return for punishment!"


Yun residence main hall.

The elderly man's expression had some impatience, and his calm, old face was looking out of the door. Upon seeing the absolutely beautiful young girl walking while facing the sun, his expression finally eased.

Yun Luo motioned his hand towards Yun Luofeng and said amiably, "Feng'er, come over to grandfather."

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng walked towards Yun Luo's side. Then, her sight shifted to the man wearing the Crown Prince Estate's imperial guard uniform. She raised her brows while asking, "What matter did Crown Prince send you to find me for?"

"His Highness the Crown Prince sent me to deliver an invitation to Eldest Miss."


Yun Luofeng was stunned, taking the invitation from the imperial guard's hand. After perusing the content of the invitation, she chuckled. "I understand. You can return and tell Crown Prince that I will go and attend in a moment."

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