Chapter 59: Banquet Invitation (1)

 Chapter 59: Banquet Invitation (1)

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Rear mountain.

Yun Luofeng entered the house, hurriedly closed the door, and quickly walked to the bed. A moment after she laid down, a white light flashed through the room. When she regained her senses, she was already standing inside the God Code Space.

An adorable, light pink baby face greeted her sight. Currently, the baby-like face had an awfully aggrieved expression, his pitched-black, big eyes were looking at her like he had been wronged...

"Master, you only visit me every few days. I'm very bored here all alone."

Yun Luofeng's peerless face displayed a bewitching smile. "Xiao Mo, I came here to ask you about something. Do you have a way to prevent strangers from entering within 500 meters of the General Estate?"

Xiao Mo's look became even more resentful. "Master, you only come here if you need something. If you don't need anything, you don't come see me."

Although his words were like this, towards Yun Luofeng, Xiao Mo, this godly, cheat-like artifact, would typically answer any questions.

"It's not that I don't have the methods that you speak of; however, if you don't want your army-training situation to be known by outsiders, you can let Milk Tea help! It can help you dig out an underground training facility within a few days. By then, if you train an army there, then no one will take notice."

Yun Luofeng grew quiet.

The Yun residence's stone room was humongous, but her recruits were also quite numerous! If she squeezed them in the stone room, they simply had no way to spread out and train! But if they trained in the Yun residence's courtyard, they could be easily discovered, and the news would spread around. That would be extremely disadvantageous for the Yun Family.

"Master, the spiritual herbs have already been successfully grown. You should feed all of the spiritual herbs to Milk Tea, it can then break through one level! If you want to let Milk Tea progress faster, you must prepare more valuable spiritual herbs," Xiao Mo glanced at the silent Yun Luofeng, and continued to speak.

"Squeak, squeak."

Milk Tea could no longer restrain itself, and its round, big eyes whirled around, finally landing on the spiritual herbs in the medicinal herb field, almost drooling.

"Milk Tea's current level is early-level, low-rank spirit cultivator. After advancing one rank, it will reach early-level, intermediate-rank spirit cultivator! This strength doesn't have much use for me at present, but its hole-digging speed would become much faster."

Yun Luofeng lightly petted Milk Tea's little head. "Go then, these spiritual herbs all belong to you, as a condition, the matter regarding the Yun residence underground training facility will be left to you."

"Squeak, squeak."

Milk Tea happily squeaked, jumping down from Yun Luofeng's arms with a whoosh. It held a stalk of spiritual herbs and began to nibble.

"Master, plant the medicinal herbs that you bought a few days ago in the field! Based on the field's size, you should be able to plant ten types of medicinal herb! These ten types of medicinal herbs can incidentally be made into two types of medicinal liquid, which are the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid and Marrow-cleansing Liquid."

Xiao Mo winked, his voice was as soft and fluffy as cotton candy.

"Master, the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid made from spiritual herbs can be used continuously for a month. Unlike those common herbal ingredients, whose basic effect will no longer be effective after just one day and completely lose its effect after a week! As for the Marrow-cleansing Liquid, there were records in the Medical God Code that it can improve a person's innate talent. Even if they are a waste, after frequently using the Marrow-cleansing Liquid, they can also turn into a genius."

Yun Luofeng had indeed seen these three words, "Marrow-cleansing Liquid," in the Medical God Code. This was the reason why she was confident in nurturing those waste to strong people...

"How many days are needed to turn these medicinal herbs into spiritual herbs?"

"Fifteen days."

Fifteen days?

Hearing Xiao Mo's words, Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment. "Then, I will use these 15 days to take control of this team of 200 people!"