Chapter 58: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (4)

 Chapter 58: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (4)

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This made Mu Xingchou so furious he ruthlessly beat Mu Shen up, nearly beating him to death.

The second news was the Mu Family encountered thieves at night! Mu Family's study and treasury were both completely incinerated by a big fire! All the valuable items were pulverized! Even Mu Xingchou was beaten up by the thief! They estimated that he would be unable to leave the bed for at least three months...

When Gao Tu heard this news, his royal bearing was incredibly furious. He was determined to find the thief. This hubbub caused everyone in the Imperial City to feel insecure. The wealthy and the powerful were afraid of being visited by the thief, and the powerless were afraid of being framed as the thief!

However, these people were very clearly overthinking. A thief that could come and go freely within the Prime Minister Estate and could also cause such a huge disturbance would certainly not be ordinary! They would never find the thief in the common mass.

When these two pieces of news traveled to Yun Luofeng's ears, she raised her brow. "Mu Shen hasn't sold me out?"

She did not expect that Mu Shen, this guy, would actually abide by his promise to this degree. Despite being beaten half to death, he still would not disclose the actual destination of the 45 million and had even made up some lies.

The traveling merchant did not exist, so no matter how hard the Prime Minister Estate tried to find them, it would be useless. Moreover, Mu Xingchou was currently lying in bed, so how could they find the time to search for the traveling merchant that came from Mu Shen's mouth?

"Miss, I do quite respect the thief that visited the Prime Minister Mu Estate," Qingyan reverently said. "Who let those people constantly bully Miss? This time, that chivalrous thief helped us vent our anger."

"You don't need to revere that thief." Yun Luofeng squeezed Qingyan's cheeks, saying wickedly, "You only need to worship me."


Qingyan stomped her feet, saying with a playful pout. "However, Miss really has changed a lot now, so why do those people keep calling Miss good-for-nothing! Miss clearly isn't that type of person."

"The mouths are on other people's body, they can speak however they want," Yun Luofeng raised her brows and stood up from the chaise lounge. "Let's go. Yesterday, grandfather finished recruiting these people for me, I should now go look at the candidates."

In the middle of the courtyard, there stood hundreds of people. Those people were basically half-males and half females and were currently looking around. When they saw the young lady clad in white walking towards them from not far away, only then did the crowd gradually quieted.

"The royal family seems to be very efficient and were not stingy in finding me a bunch of low aptitude people for me."

Yun Luofeng lazily yawned, her bewitching eyes surveying everyone in the courtyard.

These people's aptitude was quite low. It can even be said that it could not be any lower, and it was only marginally better than previous useless Yun Luofeng! If it was someone else, even if they trained them their entire life, they still would not be able to break through to middle-level spirit cultivator stage!

They could only go through arduous training at the lowest level for their entire life!

"Feng'er," Yun Luo smiled wryly, helplessly saying, "these are all personally chosen by the Crown Prince. I also heeded your desire-they are all under eighteen."

"Grandfather, don't worry, now that I've chosen them, I have my methods," Yun Luofeng provocatively lifted the corner of her lips. "These people will be settled inside my Yun family's stone room."

Yun Luo was stunned for a moment. "You are speaking of the room that your Second..."

The stone room where Second Uncle previously stayed in?

When the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them back in, using a puzzled gaze to look at Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng knew what he wanted to say and nodded. "That's right, we will settle them there, and I will explain our next step when that time comes. I'm now exhausted, so I will return to the rear mountain to rest."

After saying that, she no longer gave Yun Luo an opportunity to ask anything else and headed towards the rear mountain...