Chapter 57: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (3)

 Chapter 57: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (3)

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Rear mountain.

A man stood in the middle of the forest.

Black robe fluttering in the breeze, his voice cold and deep, making people feel as though a sharp edge was pointed at their back.

"How's the matter that I asked you to investigate?"

Lin Qiong, who was kneeling in front of him, did not dare to lift his head, his body stiffening as he answered, "Replying to master, according to this subordinate's investigation, the Prime Minister has continuously been on bad terms with the General since ten years ago. He deliberately divulged the war intelligence of the parents of Yun family's eldest miss to the enemy kingdom, causing the death of both of Eldest Miss Yun's parents. The other matter was when the Yun Family's second master, Yun Qingya, was once grievously wounded, General Yun headed to the Imperial Palace to request the imperial doctor to help but was stopped by Mu Wushuang's master, Jing Lin, leading to Yun Qingya's death!"

Yun Xiao did not speak.

However, by then, Lin Qiong clearly felt the surrounding air tense up, even the pressure on his own body became much heavier.

"Thirdly..." Lin Qiong swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "Eldest Miss Yun was previously engaged to the Crown Prince, it's just that the Crown Prince had his heart set towards Mu Wushuang. Moreover, not long ago, that Mu Wushuang had secretly given an idea for the Crown Prince to frame Yun's eldest miss into forcibly grabbing a pretty boy in public, causing Eldest Miss Yun to lose her reputation and cause her near death! However, even the Crown Prince is not aware that this idea was suggested by Mu Wushuang, and was just borrowing someone else's mouth to convey it to him. These are just the three important points, and these past few days, this subordinate also discovered many instances wherein Mu family had bullied Eldest Miss Yun..."

By now, Lin Xiong had finally understood how special Yun Luofeng was to Yun Xiao; if he wanted to win the favor of his master, then he just needed to follow Yun Luofeng. Thus, these past few days, he made a thorough investigation.

From grievances of the past generation to the Prime Minister Estate's humiliation towards Yun Luofeng, even if it was only one word or minutia, he respectfully reported all of it.

After he reported everything from his investigation to Yun Xiao, Lin Xiong fawningly asked, "Master, do I need to set the entire estate of Prime Minister Mu on fire? While I'm at it, I could also wipe out the imperial clan. It's their own fault for joining forces with Mu family to bully Eldest Miss Yun!"

From Yun Xiao's motionless face, Lin Xiong had difficulties seeing his emotions.

However, Lin Xiong could feel the temper of his master!

The best evidence was the pressure on his body becoming stronger, even the surrounding air thickened, causing people to be unable to breathe.

Lin Xiong had actually wanted to cry. He was just telling the news, so was it necessary for Master to frighten him like this? As expected, people who can converse with Master must have a very strong psychological fortitude; otherwise, he could frighten you silly.

"She doesn't like others meddling with her affairs."

Under Lin Xiong's frightened mental state, Yun Xiao finally opened his mouth, his voice was cold as usual.

Vengeance! Only by personally exacting revenge could one be most satisfied!

"So, it'll be alright as long as those from Prime Minister Mu's estate do not die."

Still, this didn't mean he would be willing to repress his anger.

Lin Xiong was startled. Master's meaning was: as long as they didn't die, they could mistreat the people of Prime Minister Estate however they want?

"Yes, this subordinate will do as you bid!"

Lin Xiong respectfully cupped his fists, his eyes shining.

This time, he must perform exceptionally! Who let those bastards of the Prime Minister Estate bully their female master?

Yes, in Lin Xiong's heart, Yun Luofeng was already their future female master; otherwise, why would master hide his identity and come to the General Estate, and perfectly willing to be a bodyguard as well?

Next day.

Two pieces of news swept throughout the entire Longyuan...

The first one was the robbery at the Prime Minister Mu Estate. The money that they lost was actually stolen by Mu Shen, He also used that money to buy a ginseng from a traveling merchant that could allegedly extend one's lifespan. The result: after confirmation, it was only a common ginseng. He was cheated out of 45 million taels by someone!