Chapter 56: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (2)

 Chapter 56: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (2)

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Gao Tu's eyes flashed with astonishment, but more of it was schadenfreude.

"General, your contribution is countless, so Yun Luofeng, as your granddaughter, will naturally enjoy a splendor that surpasses that of imperial sons and descendants. Thus, zhen will send the Crown Prince to help you recruit people."

"Thank you for Your Majesty's grace. This official still has one matter to request Your Majesty's assistance." Yun Luo lifted his aged appearance, face filled with helplessness. "Your Majesty should have also heard that this old official's granddaughter recently became fascinated with medicine. To this end, she threw away all the money of the General Estate on medicinal herbs; therefore, this old official's estate really cannot support these many people. So, is it possible for Your Majesty to pay their monthly wage on behalf of this old official?"

"It ought to be like this, it ought to be like this." Gao Tu's face exposed a smile. "Then, your Yun Estate's guards and maidservants' monthly wage will be paid by the Imperial Palace for you. This will be considered as a reward for a minister who has provided an outstanding service."

"Thank you, Your Majesty, this old official will excuse himself."

Yun Luo stood up from the floor, cupped his hands in salute, and then left the study.

At this point, no one could see that the moment he turned around, his chrysanthemum-like old face had blossomed into a smile.

This pair of father and son would never think that soon, a monstrous team would unexpectedly emerge from the Yun family! The people comprising that team were all the people that the Crown Prince had previously helped the Yun Family choose. Moreover, even the money that supported this team was paid by them.

When they learned of this matter, this pair of father and son was nearly angered to death!

"Emperor Father, what do you think this General Yun Luo actually wants to do?" Gao Ling knitted his brows. "Could it be that he wants to secretly recruit men and buy horses 1 ? Defect from the imperial dynasty?"

"If he really wanted to recruit men and buy horses, then he would not come to the Imperial Palace and report! He would also not allow the imperial clan to get involved!" Gao Tu sneered coldly. "Hence, zhen actually believes it is Yun Luofeng, that trash, who forced him to carry out this matter! Ling'er, when you help General Yun in recruiting people, the recruits should be the type of low aptitude."

Gao Ling's gaze shifted outside the study, as though lamenting, he said, "Emperor Father, this son-subject thinks this General Yun Estate is already coming to its end! First, its money has been completely squandered by Yun Luofeng, and now she is still tormenting General Yun Luo like this! Having a wasteful and dandy granddaughter like that, I reckon General Yun Luo's lifespan will decrease! It won't be long before he will be angered to death by Yun Luofeng!"

In reality, towards General Yun Luo, Gao Ling's heart actually harbored some deep admiration. Unfortunately, a person like General Yun Luo actually raised a good-for-nothing like Yun Luofeng! With Yun Luofeng's existence, how could the General Estate not decline?

"Originally, zhen still wanted to let Yun Luofeng be your concubine. Looking at it now, a person like her doesn't even deserve to be a concubine! Once Yun Luo dies, she will then be completely useless!" Gao Tu's voice was very cold. "In comparison, Mu Wushuang of the Mu household is much better. She possesses outstanding innate talents, her personality is good, a paragon that is a motherly model for the kingdom, and a disciple of Jing Lin. In all of Longyuan Kingdom, only Mu Wushuang can match you."

Gao Ling curved his lips. "The existence of a trash like Yun Luofeng was always meant to become a backdrop for Wushuang's incomparable excellence. She only has this value."

The imperial clan's work efficiency was completely different. Only a few days were needed to recruit the people that Yun Luofeng required. However, after looking at the aptitude of these people, Yun Luo's mouth could not help but twitch, his heart even more anxious.

Merely relying on these people's innate talent, can they really be soldiers that totally annihilate armies in the future? Yun Luo did not believe this point, but he still brought these people back to the General Estate...

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