Chapter 55: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (1)

 Chapter 55: Recruiting Men and Buying Horses (1)

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Inside the guest hall, the elderly male smoothed his white beard, his entire face flushed with satisfaction.

"There is still one matter I need you to help me complete." Yun Luofeng's lips lifted with a wicked curve. "Now that you've already returned your million-men military power to that dog emperor, our Yun family has to form our own forces now."

"The elderly man was silent for a moment. "Feng'er, you have to think about this matter thoroughly. Organizing forces requires one to recruit people, and this movement is too big, it is highly possible it'll cause suspicion from the Emperor. Thereupon, if the imperial family suppresses us, with our Yun family's current situation, we will be unable to successfully stand up to them!"

"Grandfather, I've already thought of this matter thoroughly." A light flashed through those black eyes as Yun Luofeng's smile deepened. "Not long ago, I had people publicly beat up Mu Shen, making my already dandy reputation spread through big streets and small alleys 1 . Since it's like this, then why don't I become even more dandy through and through! You can tell the public that I threw a tantrum at home, forcing you to recruit 100 guards and 100 maidservants for me! As for the recruiting, you can have that dog emperor do it for you!"

The old man was stupefied and uttered hesitantly, "Feng'er, this isn't so good, right? You want to recruit people in order to form an army that belongs to our Yun family, so if we let those from the imperial family help us with this matter, with his wariness, he will definitely choose some people with deficient innate talents."

"I don't care about the innate talent of these people, as long as their bodies don't have defects and their age is under 18 years old, it will suffice."

Having deficient innate talent is negligible when she possessed a divine, cheat-like artifact like the Medical God Code here! No matter how deficient, she had ways to make them improve their innate talent!

"Feng'er, isn't there still one matter that you haven't considered yet? If you let the Emperor recruit people for you and he places a spy in there, then everything that you do will be known by him!"

Facing Yun Luo's question, Yun Luofeng smiled, her brazen brows were filled with confidence.

"As long as he dares to place them, then I'll dare to accept!"

As long as he dares to place them, then I'll dare to accept!

Just how much confidence was needed to make her say such egotistical and uninhibited words?

Yun Luo sighed. It was not until this moment that he suddenly realized: When it comes to his granddaughter, he actually didn't understand at all...

"Feng'er, I'll enter the palace in a little while. I'll let the palace's people assist me with the recruitment of people!"

"Okay." Yun Luofeng winked. "Grandfather, when you see the Emperor later, don't forget to extort money from him! Everyone says Yun family's assets were completely squandered by me, so you will go confirm this statement!"

The old man was suddenly lost for words. He gathered this was the real the reason why Yun Luofeng would want people from the Imperial Palace to recruit people for her.

Since this matter should not be delayed, Yun Luo did not stay anymore. After donning his court attires, he hurriedly had someone move the palanquin, hastily setting off towards the Imperial Palace.

When he entered the imperial study, he discovered that in addition to Emperor Gao Tu, even His Highness the Crown Prince was in this study as well. His expression displayed a hint of hesitation, but soon his expression quickly morphed. Compared to his previous radiant glow at the General Estate, the current him was somewhat dispirited.

"Old General, why did you come to meet Zhen 2 ?"

Gao Tu saw Yun Luo's expression, coldly laughing in his heart. Even without thinking, he knew that Yun Luofeng, that trash, definitely got into trouble again.

"Your Majesty."

Yun Luo kneeled on the floor with a plop, his aged figure appeared thin and frail. "This old official's granddaughter considers the servants of the General Estate are too few, and it doesn't conform to her identity as the eldest miss. Because of this, she is having this old official step forth and help her recruit guards and maidservants, 100 each. However, this old official is already old in years, how can I work this hard? Thus, I came to request Your Majesty for assistance."

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The chapter's title "Recruiting Men and Buying Horses" basically means raising an army.