Chapter 53: The Elderly Male Who Suffered a Fright (3)

 Chapter 53: The Elderly Male Who Suffered a Fright (3)

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Hearing that, Elder Rong coldly snorted, "Although Yun Luofeng can't cultivate, just her medical skills alone will cause all the strong people in the world to sell their life for her. Much more now that she possesses something like the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid! Yesterday I analyzed it for a night, and I still wasn't able to decipher the formula of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid! If this incident was spread out, I gather that Crown Prince will cry and beg for her forgiveness."


Fang Ya could not resist and laughed out loud. "Elder Rong, you know, just now, Crown Prince was still ridiculing Yun Luofeng for being ignorant and unqualified for using such thing like the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid. I would really want to see his expression later. I'm certain it will be incredibly brilliant."

"He really said that?" Elder Rong was very surprised. He was silent for a moment and said, "I previously met Crown Prince and even thought he was a worthy figure, but looking at it now, this Crown Prince is only so-so! Fang Ya, Mu Rong, in the future, if those from the imperial family come to find me, I won't see any of them! Even if the Emperor came himself, I still won't take notice of him!"

This time, not only Mu Rong, even Fang Ya was extremely astonished. "Elder Rong, I know you admire Yun Luofeng and also feel grateful because she's able to treat Daren. However, closing the door and refusing to see people from the imperial family due to Yun Luofeng, I'm afraid..."

"Fang Ya, you don't understand, I tried to coax the words out of Yun Luofeng to divulge where she learned, but she was unwilling to divulge it and even claimed that her master doesn't want other people to know his name! From this, I can infer that her master must be that person!" Elder Rong slightly narrowed his eyes. "That man's medical skills are superb and has an eccentric temper. If Yun Luofeng is indeed his disciple, then we definitely cannot offend her!"

Fang Ya was stunned for a moment. "Elder Rong, you said that Yun Luofeng is that Godly Doctor's disciple?"

"I am not quite sure, but besides him, who in this world can teach this kind of disciple? When Daren was afflicted with the manluo flower poison, I originally wanted to request that Godly Doctor to treat him but was refused by him! If Yun Luofeng can really treat Daren, I dare to guarantee that she is that Godly Doctor's disciple!"

Elder Rong lifted his head to look at Fang Ya, and seriously ordered, "Fang Ya, now that I have the detoxification solution, I must return at once. I will leave the matters on this side to you. Remember, you must ingratiate yourself with Yun Luofeng! However, you shouldn't be too deliberate, an overly deliberate befriending will cause one to feel uncomfortable."

"Yes, Elder Rong, I understand."

Fang Ya's eyes did not have its previous charm and were replaced by graveness.


Yun Luofeng had just entered the main hall of the Yun residence and had already seen the deeply sighing old man.

The old guy clearly saw Yun Luofeng, who stepped into the main hall, and used an aggrieved look to stare unflinchingly at her. "Feng'er, shouldn't you give grandfather an explanation? Why didn't you allow me to compete for the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid? Grandfather knows you currently have an outstanding innate skill, but if you possess the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, your cultivation will definitely be even faster."

Yun Luofeng slightly paused on her steps, shrugging as she said: "I finally managed to obtain 10 million by selling the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, and now you actually want to spend 20 million to buy it back for me. Grandfather, even if you want to squander, you still shouldn't squander like this! Do you think it is easy for your granddaughter to earn extra money?"

"You stinky girl, you actually said your grandfather is squandering, you..."

Originally, after hearing the word "squander," the old man became furious and was about to ruthlessly lecture this girl, but belatedly reacted and opened his mouth in shock. "What did you just say, the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was sold by you?"