Chapter 51: The Elderly Male Who Suffered a Fright (1)

 Chapter 51: The Elderly Male Who Suffered a Fright (1)

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"Miss Yun, us honest people don't speak hidden words. A few days ago, the woman who brought the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid was you."

Fang Ya swayed her tiny waist and seductively walked in front of Yun Luofeng. "You have to know, no matter how much a person's appearance changes, she can't change the scent of her body. Besides, I'm very sensitive to smell to begin with."

Yun Luofeng lightly touched her chin and looked at Fang Ya with a wicked smile. "I didn't know Miss Fang Ya was actually born in the year of the dog."

In front of an experienced person like Fang Ya, no matter how much one concealed, it was useless, so it was better to freely admit it.

"I still have a thing to ask you." Fang Ya covered her lips and coquettishly smiled. "Were you the one who solved the manluo flower poison?"

Yun Luofeng's black eyes flashed with astonishment, and she thought for a bit before asking, "I'm uncertain how you know?"

"So it was you!" Fang Ya's heart was delighted. "Miss Yun, follow me, our Elder Rong wants to see you."

Elder Rong?

After hearing this name, Yun Luofeng was stunned. "Elder Rong wants to see me? I heard that the Medical Pavilion's Elder Rong is very haughty and might not even receive those royals and nobles who come to visit. I don't understand why he wants to see me now."

"Miss Yun, you will understand if you follow me."


Inner Court.

Elder Rong held the teacup gently in his hands, telling the middle-aged man beside him, "It looks like the commotion that this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid produced is tremendous. It's a shame that there is only one dose of this. Right, Mu Rong, has there been any news about the person that I had you locate?"

Mu Rong's face displayed helplessness. "At present, we only know two special features about that mysterious doctor. First, according to Miss Fang, that mysterious person is a young woman; second, that woman was dressed in white. However, in this vast sea of people, I am afraid finding someone based on these two conditions is extremely difficult."

"Even if you can't find her, you must find her! Even if it means mobilizing all the power of Medical Pavilion!"

The whereabouts of this mysterious doctor involved the survival of the entire Medical Pavilion, so he must find her!

Knock knock knock!

A series of knocking sounds came from outside the door. Without waiting for Elder Rong to inquire out loud, Fang Ya's seductive-to-the-bone voice came from outside the room, "Elder Rong, I have already found the doctor who solved the manluo flower poison."

Elder Rong's hands trembled, nearly dropping the tea in his hands to the floor. He noisily stood up from the chair; his excessive excitement led his voice to falter.

"Make her come in quickly."

As soon as his words faded, the room's door was pushed open. The charming, red-clothed Fang Ya first entered the room, and closely following behind Fang Ya was a body clad in snow-like white robe entered Elder Rong's eyes.

The young lady was born extremely beautiful. Her skin was white like jade, a peerless and city-ruining beauty. Wicked yet languid, her brows revealed an inherent haughty dominance, not allowing anyone to ignore.

"Yun Luofeng?"

As the number one trash, it was impossible for Mu Rong not to have heard of Yun Luofeng's name. Currently, seeing that the person who Fang Ya had found was her, the astonishment in his heart could be imagined.

Only, for reasons unknown, the current Yun Luofeng seemed to be quite different from the one he saw in the past...

"Are you the doctor who solved the manluo flower poison?"

Elder Rong's eyes flickered with surprise. His shock was not because of Yun Luofeng's identity of course! Rather it was because despite already knowing that this mysterious doctor was very young, he did not expect that it would be this young. Looking at her age, which was only around fourteen, fifteen years old...