Chapter 50: Identity Discovered (4)

 Chapter 50: Identity Discovered (4)

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"Eh, what happened here? Why did you start arguing?"

Just then, a seductive-to-the-bone voice was heard, making all the men present feel their bone limp and numb, their entire body powerless.

Fang Ya walked over under everyone's vulgar gaze, charmingly lifting the corner of her mouth, and her provocative look rippled with strong amorous feelings. Her every frown and every smile displayed ten thousand different types of flirtatious expressions.

"Hmph, it is merely this trash from General Yun Estate, as someone with a rubbish constitution, she still dares to come to the Medical Pavilion to forcibly seize the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid! We just don't want the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid to be spoiled by this trash, which is why we want her to scram. You came just in time, you should kick this trash out!"

Fang Ya slightly raised her brows, her sight landing on Yun Luofeng. Lightly lifting the corner of her lips, she approached the young lady.

"Anyone who comes is a guest. Our Medical Pavilion has never had a habit of refusing customers, especially a great beauty like this. Tut tut, I say, in Long Yuan Kingdom, not a single woman's appearance can compare to this girl's."

Mu Wushuang's eyes darkened, obviously disliking Fang Ya's words. What's with this Yun Luofeng as Long Yuan Kingdom's number one beauty? She, Mu Wushuang, was worse than this fool?

"This smell is quite fragrant!"

Fang Ya moved in front of Yun Luofeng, lightly sniffing, a charming smile appeared on her seductive face. What she was obviously doing was crude, but it was pleasing like this when one looked at it.

"Since you came here to buy medicinal herbs, come with me first."

Yun Luofeng nodded. She walked over to Yun Luo's side, wickedly raising the corner of her lips. "A dose of Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid's price is 20 million gold coins. It is too expensive. If you want to buy this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, then we will suffer a huge loss of money, so go back first and wait for me, and I will give you a surprise."

After she gave it a thought, Yun Luofeng decided to disclose the matter of the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid. Even if this old guy could not handle it, it was still better than him paying this much to buy the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid.

"Hehe," Gao Ling evidently heard Yun Luofeng's voice and chuckled in derision. "Yun Luofeng, after you unsuccessfully committed suicide, even though you are not as irritating as before, you are too arrogant! You actually said buying the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid for 20 million is too expensive? And even suffer a big loss? Let me tell you, even if it is 30 million taels, there would still be someone willing to buy it. Only an ignorant person like you would deem the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid too expensive."

As though Yun Luofeng did not hear Gao Ling's words, she nonchalantly walked into the Medical Pavilion.

Yun Luofeng, who was walking ahead, did not notice that before Fang Ya left, she glanced at Gao Ling as though he was an idiot.

"Your Highness the Crown Prince!"

After seeing his own granddaughter leave, Yun Luo's complexion darkened. "Don't think that I don't know why the ministers of the imperial court weren't willing to lend me money! I originally wanted to endure it for a period of time to maintain peace, but I didn't think that you would keep going too far! You are looking down on my granddaughter this much today, but you will deeply regret it one day!"

Deeply regret it?

The Crown Prince coldly chuckled, abandoning Yun Luofeng was the most correct decision that he had ever made. He would never regret it!


"These are the medicinal herbs that I require today."

After entering the Medical Pavilion, Yun Luofeng took out a piece of paper and placed it in front of Fang Ya.

Fang Ya smiled, accepting the paper that Yun Luofeng handed over, and while making eye contact at her, she said, "You helped our Medical Pavilion earn this much money, so I won't accept money for these medicinal herbs of yours. We will give it to you at no cost!"

Yun Luofeng looked at Fang Ya with shock.

"What do you mean?"

Had her identity been discovered? Impossible! This was just her second time being in contact with Fang Ya, so how could she be discovered by her?

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