Chapter 49: Identity Discovered (3)

 Chapter 49: Identity Discovered (3)

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"Crown Prince, Wushuang really is fine. It's just that last night, I didn't sleep at all because I was choosing an excellent husband for Yun Luofeng, so now, I am slightly fatigued. Also, I'm worried that Yun Luofeng's standards are too high and afraid that she won't accept the husband that I chose for her."

Of course, Mu Wushuang would not tell Crown Prince what occurred at the Prime Minister Estate, so she naturally pushed everything onto Yun Luofeng.

After Gao Ling heard Mu Wushuang's words, his complexion darkened a few degrees. "You are worrying and working yourself to exhaustion because of her, she would not dare to be this ungrateful. Being a mere trash, what right does she have to have high standards? Wushuang, I believe in your ability, so after you choose a suitable candidate, I will let Father Emperor announce an imperial decree to bestow marriage. Even if she doesn't want to abide, she must abide!"

As a trash, how could she have the right to be picky? It's already quite good that someone was willing to marry her. If it weren't for Wushuang making a decision on this matter for her, in this current world, who would be willing to take a trash for a wife?

While Gao Lin and Mu Wushuang conversed, he did not forget to give a few eye signal toward a few people present, indicating for them to continue making things difficult for Yun Luo.

Ordinarily, with Yun Luo's strength and status, they would not dare to go overboard, but after receiving His Highness the Crown Prince's hint, all of them stood forward in order to ingratiate themselves with the future ruler of the kingdom and wore a righteous expression to face Yun Luo.

"General Yun, I say, you are really not too generous, using the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid on Yun Luofeng the trash is simply a waste! It's better to leave it to those who need it! So I urge you to give up on competing with us!"

In Long Yuan Kingdom, besides the high-ranking officials and nobles, there were still four major clans. Surprisingly, the person who said these words was Lin Ying, the family head of Lin Clan from the four major clans!

"Bullshit, you-who did you f*cking say is trash?" Yun Luo was so angry that his beard erratically shook, both of his eyes were glaring ferociously at Lin Ying. "My granddaughter is more outstanding than anyone. Whoever says this general's granddaughter is trash again, this general will make them get lost from here!"

Lin Ying was startled by this old man's imposing aura but remembered that Crown Prince was present, so this old man would not dare to be impudent. Thus, he mustered up his courage to say: "General Yun, is this you becoming mad from shame, or is it because I touched a sore spot? Haha, who doesn't know that Long Yuan Kingdom's number one genius belongs to His Highness the Crown Prince, and Prime Minister Estate's Mu Wushuang's innate skill is also on par with Crown Prince. Besides these two people, who else can be labeled with the word 'outstanding'?"

The old man's body trembled, clenching his fists, a powerful aura was emitted from his body. However, at this moment, a bewitching voice was heard from behind him, making his body suddenly freeze.

"Didn't I already say? I don't need this medicinal liquid, so why did you still come?"

This voice, a string of helplessness intertwined with its wickedness, caused the old man to involuntarily turn his head, his sight landing on the figure of the white-clothed young lady. "Feng'er, why did you come?"

"I came to buy medicinal herbs."

Yun Luofeng's words were the truth. The Medical Pavilion kept a record of the medicinal herbs it sold. As a result, yesterday, after she sold the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, it was inconvenient for her to continue buying medicinal herbs. Otherwise, her identity would be discovered from the medicinal herbs that she normally purchased.

"General Yun, I can see that your granddaughter is actually more sensible. She knows that she is a trash and that using the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid on her will only be a waste. You should go back to rest instead. Why waste money?" Lin Ying loudly laughed twice, his disdainful and contemptuous glance sweeping across Yun Luofeng's absolutely gorgeous countenance.

What use was it for a woman to be this beautiful? Wasn't she still an impressive looking but useless flower vase? No man would be willing to place a vase like this in their house!