Chapter 48: Identity Discovered (2)

 Chapter 48: Identity Discovered (2)

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"Young Miss, Mu Shen has been waiting for you the entire morning."

As Yun Luofeng stepped out of the study, the maidservant, Qingyan, came up and hurriedly reported.

"Letting him wait half a day isn't inconvenient," Yun Luofeng grinned wickedly, lifting her hands to pinch Qingyan's little, apple-like cheeks. And then, under the maid's aggrieved look, she walked towards the rear court. "Let's go and take care of Mu Shen's matter faster, I still have other things to do."


Rear court

Mu Shen anxiously paced back and forth and kept wandering about. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of that peerlessly exquisite young lady walking while facing the sunlight. His eyes brightening, he almost threw himself down to kneel and lick.

"Godly Doctor, you're finally here. I've been waiting for you here for a long time."

Yun Luofeng cast him a sidelong glance. "Do you have complaints about waiting too long?"

"I wouldn't dare, wouldn't dare to have complaints," Mu Shen was so frightened that his entire body trembled and hastily said, "Even if Godly Doctor had me wait for a month, I still wouldn't dare to have complaints against you. Can we start treating my illness now?"

Yun Luofeng stepped into the room and said without turning her head, "Come inside. After today, you can be the same as any normal man."

Mu Shen was stunned. He initially thought that even if she treated him, it would still take a while. He did not think that it would be different with Godly Doctor undertaking this task and actually only needed one day! Thinking of this, his mood instantly turned feverish, and he hurriedly entered the room.


For a long time, the Medical Pavilion's front yard was as busy as a marketplace. High-ranking ministers and nobles of Long Yuan Kingdom all blocked the entrance of the Medical Pavilion, causing the guards inside the Medical Pavilion to rush out to maintain order.

"General Yun, you actually really came here! I heard your Yun Clan's savings have already been completely squandered away by Yun Luofeng. It even led to you being angered to insanity by her. In the end, you still have the nerve to come to Medical Pavilion. Haha, I say, you are just wasting your strength. Buying a Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid for Yun Luofeng would only be a waste!"

Amidst the crowd, a sharp-eyed unknown person spotted Yun Luo and could not resist laughing out loud.

Yun Luo's expression was unsightly, but he stood still without making a sound.

Although Yun Luofeng already made him give up on the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, he really could not reconcile to that! What's more, his granddaughter now had such a fearsome innate skill, and if you added the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, it would definitely be twice the effect with half the effort!

Unfortunately, Yun Luofeng did not think Yun Luo would still be this stubborn. Otherwise, perhaps she would have said something about the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid...

"With my mandate, there won't be anyone lending money to General Yun. Only, I don't know why would General Yun still come here?"

Crown Prince Gao Lin looked at Yun Luo, his eyes slightly sinking, the bottom of his eyes flashing with a fierce light. He turned to look at the young lady in yellow clothes beside him and asked tenderly, "Wushuang, your complexion today doesn't look so good, did something happen?"

"It's nothing."

Mu Wushuang shook her head lightly, her eyelids drooping.

She did not tell His Highness the Crown Prince that just this morning, her grandfather, Prime Minister Mu, originally wanted to use the treasury's money to buy the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid for her. Who knew that the treasury would suddenly be burglarized! They lost an entire 45 million taels! And this actually comprised of the majority of the Prime Minister Estate's wealth from all these years.

After everything that had happened, it would be strange if her complexion looked good.

"Wushuang, you can tell this Crown Prince anything, this Crown Prince will stand up for you." Gao Lin affectionately gazed at Mu Wushuang, a streak of absent-mindedness traveling through his eyes.

Only a woman this outstanding deserved someone who was as excellent as him! Yun Luofeng, that trash, was not qualified to be his wife!