Chapter 42: Food-Stealing, Gold-Seeking Hamster (4)

 Chapter 42: Food-Stealing, Gold-Seeking Hamster (4)

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"Master, you have a cheat, you have a cheat! It's difficult for common medicinal herbs to nurture a gold-seeking hamster, but you have spiritual herbs! If you let it use spiritual herbs as food, it will rapidly grow!"

In this continent, the ordinary, younger generation of nobles would tame one or two spirit beasts to be their companions! In the past, it was not that Yun Luofeng did not have that type of notion, but since she did not possess a smidgen of power, even if someone else from the Yun Family tamed the spirit beast for her, there would eventually be a day when that spirit beast would betray her!

The gold-seeking hamster, who was happily eating, finally felt her gaze on its body, so it stiffly turned its head little by little. In a split second, it met a pair of nefariously smiling eyes.


The gold-seeking hamster squealed, and within an instant, it wanted to charge towards the doorway. However, before it could dart out, it was picked up by one hand and placed on the other hand.

"Squeak, squeak, squeak!"

In Yun Luofeng's hand, the gold-seeking hamster struggled twice, and then it bit Yun Luofeng's fingers. However, Yun Luofeng's skin did not even break under its assault, and her bewitching eyes were intently staring at it with a faint smile in them.

The hamster finally lost all hope and gave up on struggling. Its expression filled with despondency; it could already imagine its miserable shape when it turned into a hamster meal.

"Little guy, how about following me?"

Just when the gold-seeking hamster was despondent to the point of being disinclined to budge, Yun Luofeng slowly opened her mouth to ask.

The gold-seeking hamster's expression was revived. It blinked its eyes and blankly watched the exceedingly beautiful girl with her demonic smiling expression.

What did she mean by that?

It did not have to be turned into a hamster meal?

"I know you can understand my words. Follow me and you can have medicine to eat every day. How about it?"

If an average person heard you say that they would have medicine to eat every day if they followed you, then they would certainly give you a round of beating.

But the gold-seeking hamster was different!

After hearing Yun Luofeng's words, that pair of pitch black eyes lit up, hurriedly and fiercely nodded its head, and squeaked once.

"Then I will give you a name," Yun Luofeng played with the gold-seeking hamster in her hands, her eyes revealing an evil smiling expression. "Seeing that your color is similar to milk, I will call you Milk Tea from now on."


The gold-seeking hamster responded with a sound. As long as there was medicine to eat every day, it did not mind whatever name she gave it.

"This Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid is what was leftover from my use. It is not too useful in increasing your strength. Soon, I will go to the Medical Pavilion to help you buy some herbal ingredients. However-" Yun Luofeng paused, "-when you follow me from here on out, you cannot have any reservations. For instance, when you pick up some medicinal herbs from outside, you must first bring it back to me."

After saying these words, Yun Luofeng hid Milk Tea into her sleeve and strode out of the room.

Four days!

She had been in seclusion for an entire four days. Within these four days, besides Yun Xiao, who tended to her meals, and Second Uncle, who needed her to use acupuncture to treat his legs, she had not seen anyone else.

"Young Miss, you finally appear."

When the maid, Qingyan, saw Yun Luofeng walking down the rear mountain, she quickly walked up, hurriedly reporting, "Young Miss, that Mu Shen came again."

"Mu Shen? He has already gathered 45 million taels?" Yun Luofeng lightly touched her chin, saying, "Qingyan, I need to go to Medical Pavilion right now. Let him leave the money behind, and as for anything else, let him wait for me in the rear court tomorrow."

It was already quite late, so she did not have time to pay attention to Mu Shen.

Qingyan blankly stared for a moment. Soon after, she saw Yun Luofeng heading towards the rear door, and her big eyes filled with confusion.

Ever since Young Miss had failed to commit suicide, it was as though...her change was just too extreme. Her previous self would chase after Crown Prince His Highness all day long, but the current her would instead run towards the Medical Pavilion all day long...