Chapter 41: Food-Stealing, Gold-Seeking Hamster (3)

 Chapter 41: Food-Stealing, Gold-Seeking Hamster (3)

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"I asked you to find a single person, but you still haven't found her after so many days. What use do I have for you!"

Elder Rong angrily slammed his fist on the table, and that table instantly broke into smithereens within moments, making everyone who was present shudder.

They could imagine the formidable power that fist would produce if it hit their body.

"Elder Rong, I have a plan." Within the crowd, a gray-robed man stood forward, cupping his hands in a salute, and respectfully said, "Last time, that Godly Doctor left an answer below the man luo poison 1 question, proving that she is very interested in peculiar and rare diseases, so how about we post an extremely difficult problem on the wall? If she appears and works out the solution, then we will be able to find her!"

Elder Rong's anger had dissipated by half, but his complexion still did not look too great.

"Then we will do it as he said. In a moment, I will provide a difficult problem, and you will then post it and use it to lure her out!"


Four days later.

Inside the single-storied house at Yun Estate's rear mountain, Yun Luofeng opened her eyes and felt the power surging out of her body, her lips curled into a bewitching smile.

"Early-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator."

In four days' time, she went from an early-level low rank to intermediate rank. If such talent was revealed, it would definitely stun the entire Long Yuan Kingdom!

"With this last remaining dose of Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid, it looks like I will need to reallocate. Never mind, I will go to the Medical Pavilion to try to see how much this last dose can sell for. A doctor is a profession that burns a lot of money, and merely relying on the 45 million taels that Mu Shen owes me isn't enough," Yun Luofeng muttered to herself.

She was about to rise from the bathtub when she suddenly discovered a small figure sticking out its tiny butt and licking the bathwater that got splashed on the floor-even the water in the corner was not spared.

"Xiao Mo, why didn't you tell me that something came in?" Yun Luofeng stared at the gluttonous little guy and asked with a raised brow.

Before long, Xiao Mo's guilty and defensive voice could be heard from inside her mind.

"Master, this is only a gluttonous gold-seeking hamster, attracted by this Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid. It isn't harmful to you, so I didn't inform you."

He would never tell his own master that this hamster's presence was too weak, so he overlooked its presence.

"Gold-seeking hamsters like to eat Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid?"

Yun Luofeng stared at this snow-white gold-seeking hamster, the glint in her eyes slightly turned a few rounds.

"What gold-seeking hamster eats isn't Spirit-Gathering Medicinal Liquid; what it likes to eat are medicinal herbs! Moreover, it relies on medicinal herbs to increase its strength! However, this gold-seeking hamster hasn't eaten medicinal herbs before, so up until now, its strength is still very low! Master, this time, you found a treasure."

Xiao Mo's voice was very excited, "The lineage of this gold-seeking hamster is very pure! If you bring it with you, it can help you discover extremely valuable medicinal herbs! Of course, you need to be cautious, the gold-seeking hamster is voracious, so if you let it search for medicinal herbs, it will eat it all!"

"The only ability of gold-seeking hamster is to discover precious medicinal herbs?"

"Of course not! Gold-seeking hamster's own strength is also very strong; its teeth can bite and break the toughest and most durable sword in the world! Its claw can dig through the General Estate within two hours! Because it has a small body and sharp teeth, even if it fights with spirit beasts like jackals and wolves, it still wouldn't be in a disadvantageous position! The premise is that the gold-seeking hamster is allowed to grow."

Xiao Mo became more excited the more he talked, "However, if you want to strengthen a gold-seeking hamster, the amount of medicinal herbs that you have to invest will be as high as a mountain! This is also precisely why there aren't many people on this continent who can successfully nurture powerful gold-seeking hamsters. Because of this, the world generally believes that gold-seeking hamsters level up slowly and possess weak strength."

Yun Luofeng grew silent, however, the pair of bewitching eyes staring at the gold-seeking hamster brightly shone.