Chapter 40: Food-Stealing, Gold-Seeking Hamster (2)

 Chapter 40: Food-Stealing, Gold-Seeking Hamster (2)

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Rear Mountain

Inside a flat and short house, the girl in white clothes unhurriedly shedded her clothes and walked towards the side of the steaming bathtub. She carefully poured the medicinal liquid from the porcelain bottle in her hands into the bathwater. She did not slowly step into the tub until the bathwater turned milky white.

The moment she stepped into the tub, she felt a wave of spiritual energy surge through her, making her feel invigorated and improving her mood.

"Xiao Mo, I will start cultivating now. Help me watch my surroundings. If someone comes, tell me immediately."

"Yes, Master," Xiao Mo promised enthusiastically. Although he could only stay inside the God Code World, not a single breathing entity would be able to hide their presence from him.

"Reporting to Master, I'm detecting the presence of three people in this rear mountain. One is your second uncle's, the other is Yun Xiao's, and the last one is unknown! However, that person is with Yun Xiao and also doesn't harbor malicious intentions."

Yun Xiao?

Yun Luofeng paused. "Since there's no ill intent, you don't need to mind him."


On top of the mountain, overgrown weeds.

Yun Xiao watched the grey-robed man kneeling in front of him, his tone unreasonably cold, "Didn't I say that not a single person shall enter Yun Estate without my permission! Did you forget?"

Saying this, a domineering aura radiated from Yun Xiao's body. If Yun Luofeng was here at this moment, she would have discovered that the spirit beasts living on the mountain behind the Yun Estate did not dare to move and were coweringly prostrated on the ground.

Lin Qiong wanted to cry but had no tears. He only came to report about a single matter. Who knew he would be subjected to a ruthless pressure from this terrifying man?

That was right! Terrifying!

In the hearts of these subordinates, the man in front of his eyes was precisely a demon who terrified people. Anyone who offended him would have a fate that was definitely worse than death!

"Master, it's like this," Lin Qiong swallowed his saliva, quiveringly replied, "recently, a genius girl appeared in the continent, and that girl admires Master. Moreover, she's spreading that there's no one in this world who is more worthy of Master than her, and she even said she can conquer Master. This subordinate is here to ask Master, do we need to deal with this matter?"

"Kill her."

Two words, simple and easy to understand, but it also showed this man's level of cruelty.


Lin Qiong was momentarily frozen. Despite knowing the depth of his master's viciousness and ruthlessness, he did not think he would make them directly kill her.

As though he was very dissatisfied with this one word that Lin Qiong had uttered, the man's cold eyes focused on him. Just this glance alone already made Lin Qiong shudder from head to toe and hurriedly lower his head.

"This subordinate obeys."

Yun Xiao seemed to have thought of something, involuntarily glancing at the single-story house not far away from him.

"Also, send someone to investigate the grudges between Prime Minister Mu Estate and Yun Clan and inform me without omitting a single word!"

"Yes," Lin Qiong responded while cupping one fist in the other hand.

He really did not understand, why would a superior person like Master escape to an extremely small kingdom like Long Yuan to be the guard of a general's daughter? Even if it was the Emperor, he still had to kowtow several times whenever he saw Master.

Of course, even if Lin Qiong was given 100 guts, he still would not dare to ask this question. He would not survive otherwise!

Yun Luofeng, who was currently cultivating in the house, was naturally oblivious to everything that was happening outside. She was also unaware of the commotion that she had caused at the Medical Pavilion last time after leaving behind a few lines of solutions at the Medial Pavilion.

"Idiots, a bunch of idiots!"

Inside the Medical Pavilion's rear hall, Elder Rong had a layer of fury on his face, scaring the people standing in front of him so much that they did not dare to take a big breath.

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