Chapter 33: Low-rank Early-level Spirit Cultivator

 Chapter 33: Low-rank Early-level Spirit Cultivator

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In the bathtub, the girl's gorgeous face had turned ashen as she tensely bit her lips. Her delicate hair cascaded down her back, and through the heat and haze, her stunning beauty could be seen.

It was uncertain how much time had passed, the medicinal liquid inside the bathtub had turned from green to black. The girl opened her eyes slowly, and her naturally crimson lips released a puff of murky air.

"Master, you have succeeded! You are now a low-rank early-level Spirit Cultivator! You are no longer the unable-to-cultivate trash from before. Later, I will give you a prescription that you can follow to prepare a medicinal bath. Cultivating in that medicinal bath will increase your speed."

Inside her soul, Xiao Mo was so ecstatic that he jabbered and gushed endlessly.

"It's unfortunate that we don't have spiritual herbs, otherwise, the effect would have been more potent. Master, when will you come visit God Code World and plant the herbs that you got last time..."

Yun Luofeng's eyebrows furrowed, but before she could respond, Xiao Mo's voice suddenly became alert.

"Master, someone is coming!"

Someone was coming?

Yun Luofeng's appearance sharpened immediately. She quickly grabbed the robe from the side and draped it over her body. She leaped out of the bathtub and barked sternly, "Who's there? Come out!"

Behind the screen, a black figure slowly emerged.

The man's facial features were very exquisite, perfect to the point that even gods would be envious. His defined, chiseled face was emotionless. His pair of dark eyes were staring intensely at Yun Luofeng. Those unfathomable eyes prevented anyone from discerning his inner thoughts.

Yun Luofeng's sight fell on the man's soft lips and could not help but remember that day when the other kissed her upon falling down...

"Why did you come here?"

The girl's state of mind gradually regained its former tranquility, and her bewitching eyes were staring at that glacial face once again. Instead of impatience, there was even a hint of teasing in her voice.

"You dropped this."

The man lifted his hand, and a jade pendant dangled from his grasp.

The jade pendant had a word "Yun" clearly engraved on it, the character reflecting in her eyes.

Yun Luofeng was momentarily stunned. That day, she indeed lost her jade pendant and could not find it no matter what, but she did not expect that it would fall into the hands of this man.

No wonder this man would come to the General Estate. In fact, it was only because of this jade pendant that he came looking for her.

"Good, since the jade pendant has already returned to its owner, you can leave now."

Yun Luofeng accepted the jade pendant. With a wicked smile, she stared at the cold, indifferent man and asked with furrowed brows, "Is there anything else?"

The man moved slightly but did not leave.

For some reason, at that moment, Yun Luofeng discovered a trace of...awkwardness on his face?

"You... saved me."


"And you also saw my face..."

"And so?"

"Take responsibility."


Yun Luofeng was stupefied, gawking at this guy with his expression of awkwardness.

She did not have hearing problems just now, right?

This cold man was making her take responsibility with a look of discomfort just because she saw his face underneath his mask?

"I knew it. I knew this would happen! Master, accept him quickly! You'll benefit from him! Accept him quickly!"

Xiao Mo was completely beside himself, appearing as though it was him who was being made to take responsibility.

"Be quiet!" Yun Luofeng could no longer hold herself back at that moment and fiercely bellowed. Only then did she look at the man standing in front of her. "It's not like I raped you! What responsibility are you making me take? Moreover, we are complete strangers. Why did you come looking for me? Just because I helped you once?"

The emotionless man pursed his lips and awkwardly replied, "I don't know. I just feel...very comfortable by your side."