Chapter 32: Yun Luofeng, a Great Swindle (2)

 Chapter 32: Yun Luofeng, a Great Swindle (2)

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Now, it appeared that 50 million taels were not that expensive at all!

Didn't she just say that she was treating him because he met her eyes? If it were someone else, she would not treat them even if they gave her 100 million taels.

Inside the God Code World, after hearing his master's shameless words, Xiao Mo could not help but roll his eyes.

Swindle, swindle all you want! This type of small ailment was no big deal to Yun Luofeng! In the end, it was not enough for her to scam 50 million from him, but she also led the other to feel like he owed her a favor!

"Godly Doctor," Mo Shen's eyebrows furrowed in embarrassment, "I can send 5 million later but for the remaining 45 million, can you give me more time?"

Yun Luofeng imperceptibly nodded, "Once you gather enough money, that's when I'll start your treatment! Also, do not tell anyone about me treating you. I dislike complications. If other people accidentally learn of it, don't come and find me even if you are afflicted with hard-to-treat illness. I don't go around treating average people."

Mu Shen's emotion was moved, a burst of joy erupted from the bottom of his heart.

She said that she would not treat an average person. In other words, he was not an average person! Knowing such a godly doctor, his life would at least have some security from now on.

"Godly Doctor, I understand. It's no wonder that people called you a trash for so many years. Oh, no, Godly Doctor, it's not that I'm calling you trash, it's them! I have always thought you were a hidden genius." Mu Shen's entire face showed a fawning expression. "You dislike troubles and aren't willing to treat just anyone, so you hid your own medical expertise, didn't you? You can be reassured that I definitely won't tell anyone about your talent."

Even if Yun Luofeng did not warn him, he still would not carelessly speak. Otherwise, the truth about him being impotent might leak out.

"Good, you can leave. Send the 5 million taels deposit within one shichen 1 . Once it's past the shichen, there's no reason for you to come anymore."


As soon as Yun Luofeng finished speaking, Mu Shen had already fled the scene. He was afraid that he would not be able to make it in time, and Yun Luofeng would really not treat him in a fit of rage.

"So it turns out that earning money is this easy for doctors."

Yun Luofeng caressed her chin, and the smile on her beautiful face grew increasingly bewitching.

"It's very easy indeed. The materials don't even cost 10 thousand taels, and you've managed to swindle 50 million taels. More importantly, you conned 50 million out of him, yet he is still deeply grateful to you. Say, is this Mu Shen a total fool?" Xiao Mo was gobsmacked. He probably had never imagined that his master would turn out to be a big swindler.

"He is from Mu Family, so if I don't swindle him, who do I swindle?"

Yun Luofeng cracked a faint smile, her eyes downcast. "Alright, I will quickly finish this last day of medicinal bath. Starting tomorrow, I'll be able to officially start the path of cultivation. When the time comes, I'll teach each and every single person who hurt Yun Family a bloody lesson!"

A debt of blood should be paid in blood.

Even though Yun Luofeng's father did not die in Prime Minister Mu's hands, their death could still be linked to Prime Minister Mu! Moreover, since that dog emperor chose to protect Mu Family, there would come a day when she would make this dynasty change its name!

"Master, I believe that day will not be far away."

Xiao Mo's voice was fraught with conviction and revealed his deep trust in the young girl. It slowly echoed in the young girl's mind, letting her heart swell with confidence as well...