Chapter 256: Tian Family (2)

 Chapter 256: Tian Family (2)

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"The Tian Family is more powerful than the Royal Family, though it cannot be compared with the Spirit Sect. The strongest person in the Tian Family is just a earth-level low-rank spirit cultivator. However, the Tian Family has Godly Doctor Tian Ya, who is a very famous doctor on this continent, so no one dares to provoke the Tian Family, even if its overall strength is not that strong." Gao Shaochen smiled, "So I came here to tell you the news."

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrows, "Which realm is Tian Ya in?"

Gao Shaochen thought for quite a while and then slowly replied, "I'm not sure about the strength of Tian Ya. What I know about him is that his medical skill is very good and his whereabouts are always unknown. I heard that he hasn't returned to the Tian Family during the last decades. As a matter of fact, I don't know much about him."

"Ok, I get it," said Yun Luofeng, glancing at Gao Shaochen," I appreciate you coming here to tell me about these things! But, I don't think you did it out of kindness. If my guess is right, you want me to mess up Mu Wushuang and Gao Ling's wedding, so that Gao Ling can't curry favor with the Tian Family, and thus you'll get the position of Crown Prince, right?"

Not expecting that Yun Luofeng had seen him through at the start, Gao Shaochen was stunned and then, he put on a smile and said, "Little Feng'er, you are so smart! Yes, I am not content! Gao Ling was raped by a group of men in the Bamboo House, disgracing the whole Royal Family of the Longyuan Kingdom. Even so, Father Emperor has not abolished him. How can I be content? What else does Gao Ling have to make him the Crown Prince, except that he was born to the Empress?"

The man no longer disguised his innermost feelings, his foxy eyes revealing a gloomy light.

"If it were not for Mu Wushuang, Father Emperor would abolish him! Because today, in the Royal Family, only Gao Ling is willing to marry Mu Wushuang. Because of Mu Wushuang's identity, whoever marries her will be the Crown Prince, even though Gao Ling has become notorious."

No matter how attractive the position of Crown Prince was, he would not marry Mu Wushuang who had lost her virginity. He didn't want to be cuckolded! Only Gao Ling would ignore everything to marry her. He probably wouldn't hesitate to marry her even if Mu Wushuang was pregnant with someone else's child.

"You're wrong." A wicked light flashed though Yun Luofeng's eyes, "Who will be the Crown Prince is not decided by the Emperor. Instead, only the Spirit Sect is entitled to decide it. Let alone the fact that Gao Ling used to be in prostitution in the Bamboo House, even if he was f**ked by a dog, he would still be the Crown Prince! That's because only he is so stupid in the whole Royal Family of the Longyuan Kingdom. He is easier to control!"

No matter Gao Shaochen or any other prince would not be so easy to control. Only Gao Ling, who had all ambitions but no strength, was literally the only choice of the Spirit Sect! As for the disgrace of the Royal Family, it was none of their business. They just wanted to keep the control of the country.

Hearing Yun Luofeng's analysis, Gao Shaochen slightly narrowed his foxy eyes, "Little Feng'er, I really have to admire you. What you just said is true. Gao Ling is easier to control than anyone else. And I came to you for a reason. We must prevent the wedding of Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang! Otherwise, both of us will be in danger if Gao Ling successfully becomes a member of the Tian Family."

Yun Luofeng cast a sideways glance at him, "What does their wedding have to do with me? The two are perfect for each other. Why should I break them up and let them do harm to others? Besides, whether they are married or not, they will only join hands to deal with me. So, why should I bother?"