Chapter 195: Price of Betrayal (1)

 Chapter 195: Price of Betrayal (1)

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"Don't you dare!"

Seeing that they were about to leave, Ye Dong rose to his feet and roared furiously, "General Yi, stop these people!"

Yi Bufan, who appeared to not have heard the order, stood upright in the palace, his eyes filled with disappointment and derision. He simply observed Yun Luofeng and her comrades walking past him without lifting his hands to stop them.

"General Yi, do you dare to defy my order?" the face of Ye Dong changed, and he shouted angrily.

However, Yi Bufan still didn't make any movement. He stood motionless, as cold as a sculpture.


Seeing the girl and her companions departing from his sight, Ye Dong flopped down to his throne, as if all his strength had been drained. He was so angry that he even smiled. "Good, very good. Yi Bufan, you are really something. You don't even obey my orders. What do I need you for?"

Yi Bufan took two steps forward and showed a deep obeisance, speaking in a way that was neither servile nor overbearing, "Your Majesty, Third Prince is vice-master of Luofeng Pavilion, I don't have the ability to stop him! If Your Majesty thinks that I'm useless, Your Majesty can dismiss me and give the position to someone useful."

"You... "

Ye Dong vibrated all over due to anger. He really wanted to kill this guy! But now strong men were getting less and less in Liujin Kingdom. He really didn't possess that much determination to kill Yi Bufan.

"Guards! Since General Yi defies my order, I decree him to shut himself off in his home and ponder over his mistakes. He is not allowed to come out without my permission!" Ye Dong rose to his feet, angrily flicked his sleeves, and turned away, his face turning ghastly pale.


Luofeng Pavilion.

Qing Yan looked at the girl who was sitting at the table and sipping tea and couldn't help asking, "Miss, weren't we too impulsive today? Now our purpose was exposed before we even find the murderer."

Yun Luofeng put down the teacup in her hands and cracked a wicked smile: "I knew the one who murdered my parents was not Ye Dong! It can't be him!"

In an instant, she recalled what Ye Ling said to her.

Empress Rong?

This time, I'll see how long you can keep your calm...

"What?" Qing Yan's eyes were full of surprise. "Since you already knew it was not a member of the royal family who killed Junior General, why did you still come after Ye Dong?"

"Because only by meeting the emperor I would have the chance to find out who killed my parents,"

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips,. "The trick I'm using is called "drawing a snake out of its hole." Now we just need to wait here and soon you'll get the answer."

Qing Yan blinked her clear eyes and gazed at Yun Luofeng without blinking.

Somehow, she felt Miss was so calm and confident. If one had to use a word to describe her, it should be that she seemed to have a card up her sleeve! She was always calm as if there was no difficulty in the world that could stump her...

"Qing Yan, bring Wu Zhong here!" Yun Luofeng's smile carries a scent of danger. "As I mentioned before, I will not tolerate any betrayal. If anybody dares to betray me, I will never let him go!"

"Yes, Miss."

Qing Yan took her order and left.

Not long after, Wu Zhong was taken into the room by Qing Yan and Ye Ling. Looking pale and frowning, he was clearly thinking about how he should react.

"Wu Zhong, do you plead guilty!"

Yun Luofeng crossed her legs, raised her eyebrows arrogantly, and turned her black eyes towards Wu Zhong.

"I am not guilty!" Wu Zhong raised his head and looked directly at Yun Luofeng. "I was framed by Empress Rong. After all, I am also a victim! So, I won't plead guilty!