Chapter 194: Coveting beauty (2)

 Chapter 194: Coveting beauty (2)

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At this point in time, every minister found something fishy with Ye Dong. However, they were at a loss in the midst of shock from this news. As such, no one stepped out to put a stop to it but tried to digest his words instead.

"If that's the case, how did my parents die?"

Yun Luofeng's black eyes were devoid of any fluctuations within them, while she slightly raised her gorgeous face to stare directly at Ye Dong and continued asking.

"Hmph!" Ye Dong's voice was maliciously fierce. "Isn't it because that woman, Bai Ling, rejected my offer! That time, I sent someone to pass a missive. If she's willing to follow me, I shall immediately withdraw my troops! But she actually tore my letter and said that I was a toad who wanted to eat a swan's flesh!"

Isn't that the case? Compared to Bai Ling who was as pretty as a flower, Ye Dong, who only had the identity of an emperor, was basically worthless! How could she give up a young general and choose an incapable ruler who indulges in lust?

"So you plotted to kill him?" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes dangerously, and even her tone gradually dripped with killing intent.

"Of course not!" Ye Dong snorted. "Bai Ling is a married woman. It's her honor that I was willing to take her in, but she actually had the face to ridicule me! I must definitely locate that woman and send eight hundred over spirit beasts to humiliate her. This is the price she has to pay for rejecting me!"

Yi Bufan's heart gradually turned cold as he slightly shut his eyes. Right now, he could not imagine if Bai Ling had truly been held captive by Liujin Kingdom, what sort of cruel torture would have been waiting for her?

But he, someone who claimed that Bai Ling was his beloved, had never once guarded her well, and instead helped this muddleheaded incapable ruler to harm her.

He felt remorseful!

This was the first time that Yi Bufan wholeheartedly regretted his decision to abandon his true love in favor of a dog-like emperor!

"It's a pity." Ye Dong shook his head and his manner of speaking was filled with regret. "I, too, do not know who did Bai Ling offend to have actually died on the battlefield! It's really a pity for such a stunning woman to die before I succeeded in obtaining her!"

Yun Luofeng became silent as her pair of eyes became complex, preventing others to see what was she thinking.

Just now, she had used her strength to control Ye Dong's spirit and force him to divulge the answer she wanted to know! Therefore, it was impossible for him to lie! He truly did not know the person who killed Yun Yang husband and wife.

Suddenly, Yun Luofeng's tightly knitted eyebrows gradually relaxed as a ray of light flashed across her black eyes.

"Miss..." Qing Yan was somewhat nervous as she nervously and restlessly stood beside Yun Luofeng, wearing a look of anxiety on her delicate and pretty face.

She didn't expect that they would fail to obtain the truth but exposed themselves instead. As a result, wouldn't her miss be in a life-threatening danger?

"Qing Yan, I've already obtained the result I wanted. We'll continue speaking of the rest when we get back." Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips slightly and smiled. "He should be waking up by now."

The moment her voice ended, the focal distance of Ye Dong's pupil gradually recovered, but the him who had just woken up was mystified and unable to make any sense of the matter. It's only after a short period of time before he suddenly recalled the words he uttered earlier and his expression abruptly changed. "What did you do to me a while ago?"

"Ye Ling." Yun Luofeng's line of sight had long drifted away from Ye Dong's figure as she smiled lazily. "We've already achieved our objective for today. Bring Wu Zhong along and follow me!"