Chapter 193: Coveting beauty (1)

 Chapter 193: Coveting beauty (1)

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"I've said this before , the reason I'm here is to know who caused their deaths."

Yun Luofeng walked up unhurriedly, and the breathtaking smile on her face was fraught with danger similar to a poppy. A chill flashed through her slightly narrowed eyes, directly approaching Ye Dong who was seated atop.

Ye Dong gradually recovered his senses and looked towards Yun Luofeng, snorting, "How could there not be casualties from a war between two countries? Yun Luofeng, what intentions do you have by coming here now? For me not capturing you as a spy can already be considered as a favor from me! Men, bring this woman down!"

He waved his hands and coldly commanded.

"I would like to see who dares!"

Ye Ling went next to Yun Luofeng without any fear on his face and looked at Ye Dong's ashen face. The corner of his lips on his handsome face raised with a taunting smile. "Today I will not any of you touch her in the slightest."

All these years, Ye Dong neglected him and there were only Empress Rong and her son in his heart! As such, he had long been disappointed in his so-called father!

In contrast, it was Yun Luofeng who gave him a new life and made him pull himself together again, while even providing the opportunity to personally take revenge!

Ye Dong's facial expression changed as a streak of fierceness flashed across his eyes. "My son, even if you are the vice-master of Luofeng Pavilion, you are still my son in the end! Disobeying me is considered as being unfilial! If you don't wish to be labeled as unfilial, you better step down. Not only will I overlook it and not retaliate, I will also immediately appoint you as the crown prince!"

Ye Ling coldly chuckled once as a disdainful smile emerged from his handsome face, as though he did not put Ye Dong's words to heart.

"I do not care for the crown prince's position!"

How could the position of crown prince be comparable to following Yun Luofeng's side? For this reason, even if Ye Dong immediately wanted to appoint him, he would never stay!


Just when Ye Dong was about to fly into a rage, a powerful force suddenly struck his mind with a thunderous sound, causing his body to suddenly tremble. In an instant, his mind went blank and his eyes changed from its previous anger into a dull expression, losing its focus.

The young lady's voice was charming yet indifferent, saying, "Tell me what happened that year, including the reason for my parent's death. Reveal everything you know to me."

Ye Dong, with a lifeless look in his, eyes stared directly at Yun Luofeng. "Ten years ago, I once saw Bai Ling. She was so stunning that even gods would be tempted, and not to mention I am only a mortal! Seeing her, I was inevitably tempted! It was also during that period of time that a minister of Jinliu Kingdom accidentally killed the prince of Longyuan Kingdom. Actually, for this kind of small thing, I could have avoided the war by handing over this minister, but coincidentally, I was anxious to find an excuse to wage war against Longyuan Kingdom. So I made use of this matter to declare war on them!"

It was as though these words were so heavy, causing each and every minister's body to tremble in the hall like they experienced a great earthquake.

Among them, the one who had the biggest reaction was Yi Bufan!

He had always believed that Ye Dong waged war against Longyuan Kingdom in order to protect the people of Jinliu Kingdom! Even if it was the Jinliu Kingdom who was originally at fault, he still raised his weapons to engage the enemies head on! However, he had never thought that the real reason behind the war of the two kingdoms was because Ye Dong coveted a beauty!


All of a sudden, he started laughing and his smiling expression was dripping with bitterness, while his disappointed sight fell on Ye Dong, who was seated on the dragon throne. "So it turns out that those blood-soaked soldiers, who fought bravely, were sacrificed because of his selfishness. This sort of sacrifice isn't worth it!"