Chapter 192: Unaccepting of betrayal (4)

 Chapter 192: Unaccepting of betrayal (4)

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Yun Luofeng's voice was very soft, so soft that only she and Wu Zhong could hear.

After hearing the young lady's words, Wu Zhong couldn't help but become stunned. A trace of something streaked across his mind and was nearly grasped by him...

Luofeng Pavilion? Yun Luofeng?

The master behind the scenes of Luofeng Pavilion had the surname Yun?

Finally, Wu Zhong managed to associate something in this direction, and in an instant his entire body went rigid, while his expression became deathly pale.

No! It's impossible. How was it possible that the master behind the scenes of Luofeng Pavilion was such a young lady? If she wasn't, why would Ye Ling follow beside her, and why was it such a coincidence that her name had Luofeng, these two words?

Goodness gracious! Had he actually believed that the master of Luofeng came to admire him because of his power? One has to know that the entire Luofeng Pavilion was hers, so why would she cling to a manager?

Thinking of this point, Wu Zhong's complexion became increasingly unsightly. Once he thought of the deceiving words Empress Rong had told him, hatred gush forth within his heart.

Currently, Ye Dong had recovered from the initial shock as he dryly coughed twice. "My son, since you are Luofeng Pavilion's vice-master, why didn't you mention this earlier? Since you have already broken away from Longyuan Kingdom's control, then as before, you are the prince of Jinliu Kingdom."

Earlier, Ye Dong had still wanted to send Ye Ling into a prison. However, after knowing his identity, he wanted to acknowledge this son of his.

Such an extremely conflicting attitude from the beginning until the end caused Ye Ling to coldly laugh. "I'm afraid I don't have the fortune to enjoy this status of being Jinliu Kingdom's third prince! Moreover, my coming here this time is to ask you about something: who killed Yun Yang husband and wife!"

"You..." Just when Ye Dong wanted to get angry, he suddenly heard Ye Ling's last sentence and his expression changed, causing him to coldly snort, "That scoundrel Yun Yang did not have the capability and thus, died in the battlefield. This is known by everyone so what are you asking this for?

While saying this, Ye Dong eyes were evasive, as if he was trying to avoid this topic.

"Is it truly as such?"

All of a sudden, a light laughter was heard, and Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows while raising her head towards Ye Dong's evasive gaze, she asked, "If it wasn't for Liujin Kingdom using a honey trap, Mu Xingchou would never have revealed classified information. However, just revealing classified information would not cause their deaths! Right now, I only want to know who exactly killed them!"

Hearing this young lady words, Ye Dong's heart thumped. "Who are you and what relationship do you have with Yun Yang husband and wife?"

Yun Luofeng coldly laughed. "I am Yun Yang husband and wife's daughter, Yun Luofeng!"

Seeing Yun Luofeng announcing her own name, Yi Bufan couldn't help but shake his head. He didn't think that in the end, he had to confront this situation ultimately.

On one side was the monarch of Jinliu Kingdom, and on another side was the daughter of his beloved. Exactly what choice should he make?

"You are Yun Yang and Bai Ling's daughter?

Ye Dong's facial expression completely changed as a trace of vigilance appeared within his gaze. "What are you doing here?"

He would never have thought that Bai Ling's daughter would be here! No wonder from the start he felt that this young lady seemed familiar. So it turned out that she was Bai Ling's daughter.

Regardless of appearance or facial features, it was precisely the same as Bai Ling! To think that he did not manage to recognize her from the start!

Ye Dong was different from Yi Bufan. Yi Bufan had loved Bai Ling so much that the other party's every scowl or smile was deeply carved into his soul. As such, he managed to see through Yun Luofeng's identity in one glance.

However, the other people who met Bai Ling earlier, if they did not have close interactions with her, they would only feel that Yun Luofeng looked familiar and would not recognize her as Bai Ling's daughter.