Chapter 191: Unaccepting of betrayal (3)

 Chapter 191: Unaccepting of betrayal (3)

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Ye Ling sneered and did not pay attention to Ye Dong, while his pair of bone-chilling eyes directly stared at Wu Zhong, and the coldness caused one to feel apprehensive all over.

Ye Dong's words gave Wu Zhong a feeling of suddenly seeing the light.

Why had he never thought before that Yi Ling would be Jinliu Kingdom's Third Prince Ye Ling? No wonder he bore grudges against the imperial family! Because no matter what, having been abandoned in another country as a hostage for several years would cause him to harbor an enmity towards the person who abandoned him.

"Unfilial son, you better kneel down immediately!" seeing no response from Ye Ling, Ye Dong once again increased the severity of his tone and coldly commanded.

"Kneel down? I'm afraid he's unable to withstand it."

A mocking smile appeared on Ye Ling's handsome face as he asked slowly, "Am I right, Manager Wu Zhong?"

"Keke" Wu Zhong dryly coughed twice. "You're right, vice pavilion master. Even if I were to be given enormous courage, I would not dare to let you kneel before me. Such a matter of offending my superior, I will definitely never do it."

Even if he was unsatisfied with Ye Ling, Wu Zhong did not dare to refute him under such situation! Therefore, he could only acknowledge Ye Ling's identity.

However, his words were like a thunderstorm, suddenly erupting throughout the crowd.

Ye Dong suddenly stood up and both his eyes were intently staring at Wu Zhong's slightly smiling expression, while his clenched fist slightly trembled. "What did you address Ye Ling as? Vice pavilion master?"

"That's right." Wu Zhong's pupils slightly dimmed as he spoke with a faint smile, "He is our Luofeng Pavilion's vice-master."


Ye Dong staggered and heavily fell down on his seat. His facial complexion was deathly pale and at this moment, his heart fiercely shuddered to the extent that his entire being became lifeless, unable to recover from this reality.

Ye Ling was the vice-master of Luofeng Pavilion?

It was ridiculous of him to abandon something near yet seek something far. He had disregarded a readily available vice pavilion master and instead went to befriend a manager.

However, how could he possibly think that the Luofeng Pavilion's vice-master would be his own son! Afterall, how could he not be aware of his son capability? Even if his innate gift was superb, wouldn't it be impossible for him to command a high-level advanced rank cultivator?

Yi Bufan looked at his nephew whom he has not seen for several years in a daze, and he suddenly realized that he was now unable to see through him. If his deceased sister could see his changes, she would definitely feel extremely gratified.

"You mentioned earlier that Empress Rong told you I admire you? What's more, you actually believed her words?" Yun Luofeng unhurriedly walked towards Wu Zhong, and the corner of her lips curved up. Her eyes were incomparably deep, causing one to be unable to see through her thoughts from her gaze.

The young lady only stopped in her tracks after arriving in front of Wu Zhong as her eyebrows raised slightly. "May I know where did your confidence come from to actually believe that I would admire a person like you-someone who has already half entered the soil?"

Wu Zhong's facial expression suddenly turned solemn. He had been fearful of Ye Ling because of his position as the vice pavilion master. Therefore, even if this young lady curried favor with Ye Ling, it would not be able to shake his position within Luofeng Pavilion!

Thinking of this, he coldly snorted, "In this continent, as long as a man has money and power, there will be countless exotic beauties throwing themselves into my arms! Therefore, I indeed have this confidence!"

"Is that so? Yun Luofeng laughed demonically. "If your current authority and status were given by Luofeng Pavilion, then I can strip you of your power right now. If your confidence comes from being a high level advanced ranked cultivator, then I can cripple your dantian! Remember, I, Yun Luofeng, do not accept traitors!"