Chapter 190: Unaccepting of betrayal (2)

 Chapter 190: Unaccepting of betrayal (2)

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Little did Ye Dong realize that his remarks had also broken the hearts of his civil and military officials.

Yi Bufan cast a sorry look towards Ye Ling and shook his head as a bitter smile hung on his face. For the first time, he had regretted to persist for such an emperor within his heart.

"Did you see clearly?" Yun Luofeng walked and stood beside Ye Ling, while she revealed a devilish smiling smile. "This so-called family?"

The imperial clan had been ruthless since ancient times! How could a family like this form a genuine father-and-son bond?

Ye Ling made a contemptuous smile. "Since a few years ago, from the moment he had given me away to Longyuan Kingdom as a hostage for peace, I have long realized it..."

Ye Dong's facial expression instantly turned solemn. "Unfilial son, as this country's prince, you should sacrifice for the country! However, not only did you escape back to the country, you even wanted to marry a servant maid! This is simply throwing aside the imperial family's face. Since it has already come to this, you shall stay in the Longyuan Kingdom forever until your death! Men, send him into the prison until people from Longyuan Kingdom arrive!"

"We shall obey your decree!"

The imperial guards cupped their hands in salute and walked towards Ye Ling in a grave and stern manner while encircling several people in the hall quickly.

Yun Luofeng folded her hands and her whole body exuded an devilish yet charming aura while her pair of pitch-black contained a bewitching smiling expression. "I'm afraid you no longer have the chance to put Ye Ling in a prison."

Just as she finished saying this, an instrumental musical sound was heard outside the main hall. Shortly after, a bridal sedan carried by several servant girls was lowered, and in the frontmost, a middle-aged man was approaching.

The middle-aged man was already over fifty years but because he took care of himself properly, he appeared to be in a good mental state. He then satisfactorily entered the hall with a neatly arranged black mustache.

"Empress Rong had previously mentioned that her newly adopted foster daughter admires me, and now I can't wait to take her as my wife. May I inquire where would this wife of mine be at?"

Wu Zhong walked in while heartily laughing. The moment he took a step into the main hall, he noticed an extremely gorgeous white-robed young lady and he squinted his eyes while revealing an unconcealable surprise.


Just when Wu Zhong had finished appreciating that young lady's breathtaking appearance, he accidentally caught a glimpse of Ye Ling, who was standing next to her, and his facial expression instantly stiffened while astonishment revealed within his eyes.

Deputy pavilion master?

Why would he be here? Furthermore, he was surrounded by the imperial family's bodyguards?

Wu Zhong, who failed to understand the situation, stopped in his tracks and who knew what was going on in his mind. Unfortunately, Ye Dong did not notice his strange expression and spoke while smiling, "She's the new foster daughter I had recently adopted, and she will serve as the connection between the Jinliu Kingdom and Luofeng Pavilion by marriage. Is Manager Wu Zhong satisfied with her?"

He had neatly forgotten Yun Luofeng's refusal and directly arranged her fate.

Only then did Yi Bufan finally understand why Empress Rong wanted to recognize her as an adopted daughter. As it turns out, they wanted to use her to build a relationship with the Luofeng Pavilion! This matter had thoroughly caused him to be disappointed.

Under everyone's gazes, Ye Ling's line of sight gradually shifted towards Wu Zhong. On his handsome face was indifference while the corners of his lips curved, showing a scornful smile. "I did not truly think I would see you here. You've really made me disappointed!"

"Unfilial son!" Ye Dong's facial expression changed as he hurriedly rebuked angrily, "How dare you speak to people from Luofeng Pavilion in this manner. Hurry and kneel down to apologize!"

Luofeng Pavilion's potential was extremely formidable, and even that person placed them in high regards. If it wasn't because of that person's command, he would never try to curry favor with them in this manner...