Chapter 189: Unaccepting of betrayal (1)

 Chapter 189: Unaccepting of betrayal (1)

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All officials were causing a storm of protest.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and the astonishment in their eyes was clearly displayed. There were even some people who were sizing her up openly, as if they were pondering what capability did this young lady had, for the empress to admire her.

"I object!"

Under Ye Dong's dissatisfied gaze, Yi Bufan gradually came forth as he spoke while lowering his head, "Your Majesty, if Empress Rong were to accept her as a foster daughter, then she will become a princess of Jinliu Kingdom. Your subject does not agree to such a reckless decision!"

Previously, he received news that Empress Rong had left the Third Prince Estate in a fit of rage, so how did she become kindred spirits with her? Therefore, regardless of whatever plan they had in mind, he would absolutely never agree with this issue!

"Hmph!" Ye Dong coldly snorted. "General Yu, I have already made a decision and you don't have to say anything else. There's no time like the present, today I shall acknowledge her as my adopted daughter and add her name to the genealogy later."

From the start, Ye Dong did not ask for Yun Luofeng's opinion. In his mind, her opinion was not important because as the emperor, wanting to acknowledge her as a foster daughter was not a difficult matter.

Just that...

Ye Dong slightly squinted his eyes and gazed at her extremely breathtaking face. He even felt an urge to take her into his harem!

If it wasn't for building a relationship with people from Luofeng Pavilion, he would never be willing to give such a beautiful woman away!

"Your Majesty!"

Yi Bufan uttered in his most sincere and earnest tone, "Please re-consider this three times."

"Silence!" Ye Dong agitatedly exploded while his palms landed on the table heavily. "General Yi, you're too long-winded! It is impossible to change what I have decided upon!"

Yi Bufan could only helplessly shake his head and smiled bitterly. Bits of loyal advice jarred on the ears and the emperor was always unwilling to listen to it.

Just then, a devilish yet charming and languid voice suddenly sounded, causing the atmosphere in the hall to become more and more strained.

"Every word and actions of yours are controlling my fate, but have you asked for my personal opinion?"

Ye Dong's brows couldn't refrain from frowning as his line of sight once again turned towards the white-robed young lady inside the hall. "There's only benefits with absolutely no demerits of you becoming my daughter! Without the title of imperial princess, do you think that the people from Luofeng Pavilion would take you in as a wife?"

Even though Ye Dong was the ruler and had an arrogant temperament, he clearly understood Luofeng Pavilion's strength, especially Manager Wu Zhong! Before he joined Luofeng Pavilion, his name was already widespread in the Liujin Kingdom. He had originally wanted to rope him in at a great price, but who knew he would ultimately choose Luofeng Pavilion.

"Wu Zhong has agreed?"

A streak of frost flashed across Ye Ling's eyes.

He concealed his own identity in Luofeng Pavilion and only used the surname Ling as the vice pavilion master. However, everyone inside could discern that he did not have a favorable impression towards the imperial family!

However, Wu Zhong had actually agreed to Empress Rong's request?

Such an act of his was clearly provoking him!

"Impudent!" Ye Dong's expression turned cold as he berated in a stern voice. "Unfilial son, without my order, who allowed you to interfere? You are a hostage of Longyuan Kingdom but you secretly returned! Right now, I have already sent someone to inform them, and you shall follow the people from the Long Yuan Kingdom back in a few ***!"

He would never allow Ye Ling to return, as God knows how Ye Ling's escape would cause two countries to engage in a war once again.

Hearing Ye Dong's words, Ye Ling's heart gradually calmed down. Both of them were his sons but the difference in treatment was truly not just a little. He really did not know if there was something left in this place that was worth his sentiments.