Chapter 188: Accepting a Foster Daughter

 Chapter 188: Accepting a Foster Daughter

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Yun Xiao simply departed with this word before leaving the forest and leaving a stupefied Qin Yuan alone.


What does this word mean?

Unless Gao Ling, that fella, had once again committed an offense towards the master? This won't do, he must immediately inform the brothel's mother and ask her to increase the punishment towards Gao Ling!

Gao Ling would probably have never thought that because of a casual word left by Yun Xiao, it would cause him to suffer an unimaginable torture!

From then on, the customers he received had changed from normal people to a bunch of perverts! After a few days, he suddenly understood what cruelty meant!

It's where his experience in the Bamboo House became an eternal nightmare of his.


"As mandated by the emperor, Third Prince is to bring Miss Yun into the palace to meet him."

Within the quiet Third Prince Estate, a sharp, penetrating voice broke the current atmosphere.

Yun Luofeng, who was currently seated in the pavilion, slightly creased her brows as a smiling intent flashed through her devilish charming pair of eyes. She then stood up languidly and turned behind to question the little ya'tou behind her with a slight smile, "Qing Yan, do you want to go with me to meet your husband's family?"

Qing Yan was stunned for a moment before she raised her head and looked towards Yun Luofeng.

After having seen Yun Luofeng's teasing smile, she then knew that the other party was only making fun of her, and immediately she stomped her foot somewhat angrily. "Miss! You're teasing me again. Apparently, the imperial family can't accept this servant maid. However, if Miss is to enter the emperor's palace, this servant of yours will certainly follow you."

"Let's set off then."

Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders as a peculiar radiance streaked past her pair of eyes, while she laughed silently.

"I want to know exactly what choice did Wu Zhong make."

Qing Yan nodded her head seriously. "Miss, I went to Luo Feng Pavilion today and ran into Empress Rong. Her motive would definitely be Manager Wu Zhong. If he is really unloyal, he isn't fit to pledge his fealty and devotion to Miss."

Yun Luofeng shallowly raised the corner of her lips and walked out of the courtyard without consulting anyone. She raised her head and looked towards the azure skies as the bewitchingly smiling intent within her eyes deepened.

Wasn't her purpose of coming here was just to meet the emperor of Jinliu Kingdom? The reason being was, as long as she managed to meet that man, she would then be able to clearly understand who had killed her parents back then!

As such, paying no heed to how big of a ruckus she caused, she only had one motive, and that was to enter the palace!

Inside the majestic palace hall, civil and military officials gathered while General Yi, as the leader of hundred over officials, revealed a concerned look and would constantly cast a glance at Yun Luofeng, who was standing in the palace hall.

In his opinion, her identity must have been discovered and was thus summoned by the emperor. If that was the case, he feared that her life would be in danger!

"Everyone, the reason esteemed me had called you over is to announce something."

On the high seat above, a figure donned in a yellow dragon robe, which was unable to display the man's vigor, was seated. His complexion was somewhat pale, apparently, it was because he had expended too much of his lust and desire, thus his body was overly weak as a consequence of thinking using his libido.

Although the emperor of Longyuan Kingdom was an incapable ruler, he was just excessively discriminative in favor of Mu Family. In contrast, the emperor of Jinliu Kingdom, Ye Dong, was absolutely muddle-headed and tyrannical ruler, who only knew how to play with his harem of imperial concubines, without care or concern of the county's politics.

Ye Dong softly coughed twice as an imposing aura emanated from his pale complexion. "Just yesterday, Empress Rong had set forth to the Third Prince Estate and met with Miss Yun. Moreover, she felt familiarity at first sight and wishes to accept her as a foster daughter. So, the reason I had called forth everyone is to announce this news!"

Since the manager of Luo Feng Pavilion had taken a liking to this woman, no matter what, he had to rope her into the imperial palace. Only by doing so would be able to bring forth huge benefit for the imperial family!